Trust me, now you are gonna rid of your weep, sob or cry when you chop the onion next time. House Foods Groups Inc, a leading Japanese food manufacturing company has launched onions named ‘smile ball’ which won’t bring tears on your eyes when you cut it.

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What exactly is the reality?

House Foods Groups Inc which has won an Ig Nobel Prize for discovering the enzyme that brings tears to our eyes when cutting round onions. The enzyme is named lachrymatory-factor synthase.

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As the enzyme gene is identified, then the production of tearless onion became easy for the company and the company has already come out with the 6 tons of ‘Smile ball’ in the market.

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These tearless onions can be eaten raw without being washed in water. The tearless onion production for the first year is approximately 5 – 6 tons.

So get ready to experience it.

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