6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting
When you are running a business meeting, it’s important to make it effective and interesting. Read our hints and become a successful businessman! Turn your business meetings from boring to fun easily! If you are connected to the business, then, of course, you know how interrupting these meetings can be. People just sit and make… (0 comment)

Common Factors That Cause Google Penalties
Web marketers will turn to different strategies to score a high serp score. There are those who will stick to the rules and a good percentage of marketers will try and use imprudent methods. If you are using dishonest marketing practices or you are trying to trick Google, chances are that your website will get… (0 comment)

Should You Use Video on Your Blog?
When creating a blog, you will want your page to be instantly captivating and appealing to your viewers. With technology forever advancing, there are many ways to help your blog stand out such as by using video. Here are a few reasons on why you should use video on your blog. Video Tutorials With many… (5 comments)

SendPulse Review: A Mailchimp Alternative
SendPulse is an integrated marketing app for people with complex communication needs. It offers various services like sending bulk emails, bulk SMS messages and web push notifications on the same platform. You can use combination of those 3 channels in your communication campaign. Then you can contact your subscribers through email, those who did not… (3 comments)

Top 7 Free Battery Saver Apps for Android
Saving the juice on an Android device is very important. Almost all the Android users complain about the battery life of their phones as these Smartphones tend to use a lot of battery for their background apps. So, in order to maximize the potential of your battery, we shall list the top 7 Free apps… (3 comments)

7 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android
Now Smartphone are very trendy and popular these days for daily use like Photo shoot and Video shoot and writing many more other activities apart from calling and messaging. I can’t remember last time when I used my digital camera because lot of features are available in my smartphone and some are more external using… (2 comments)

6 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android
Calling is the way of communication with each other. When our close friends or relatives live in different countries, we communicate with them through our smartphones. Technology is growing very fast day by day. Today, video calling is the popular way of communicating with each other  through android devices with the introduction of 3G and… (1 comment)