Triceratops Dinosaur Gets A Cousin

Another horned dinosaur species are discovered, according to a researcher conducted by GW and Chinese universities.Hualianceratops

What the actual story is?

Hualianceratops wucaiwanensis– according to researchers this new species of plant-eating dinosaur stood on its hind feet and was about the size of a spaniel. Hualianceratops was robust and heavily built, like a chunky version of Yinlong, which was discovered by the same group in 2002. Hualianceratops lived approximately 160 million years ago. The newly discovered species and other ceratopsians indicate that several lineages of ceratopsians were present at the same time, including the diverse group Neoceratopsia that dominated the Late Cretaceous.

Triceratops, Image via
Triceratops, Image via

Identifying the new species helps researchers reexamine the pace and pattern of ceratopsian evolution.