Taliban beheads 9-year-old girl

Shukria, a nine year old little girl was beheaded by Taliban in an act of conflict between two rival groups of Taliban.

image via pbs.twimg.com
image via pbs.twimg.com

What is the issue?

Shukria was kidnapped more than a month ago and she was one among seven people who were beheaded by Taliban. They all belonged to Hazara community. The beheading was believed to be a hate crime against Hazara people, who are minority in Afghanistan and made up mostly of Shia Muslims.

image via manoramaonline.com
People gathered to protest. Image via manoramaonline.com

Thousands of people, including women who were carrying the photos of these seven victims, most of which picture the lifeless body of nine-year-old Shukria, flooded the roads of Kabul to denounce the killings and to demonstrate their anger. This may have been the biggest protest demonstration in Kabul over the last 15 years. Protestors’ chanted anti-Taliban slogans and hold up banners demanding that the government do a better job of protecting their people, regardless of their ethnicity.

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