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A road only made of Solar Panel

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Across the globe, Netherlands becomes the first country to use road made of only solar panel. Yup!! You heard me right.

So how it functions?

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A 70-meter stretch of solar-powered road in the suburbs of Amsterdam is already opened for public. The road is well known as SolaRoad. The road is made up of rows of crystalline silicon solar cells, which are embedded into the concrete of the path and covered with a translucent layer of tempered glass. The surface of the road has been treated with a special non-adhesive coating. The solaroad was built at a slight tilt so it could keep off the dust and dirt from accumulating and obscuring the solar cells. The city plans to power everything from electric cars to traffic lights with these solar panels.

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  • Solar panels are very useful when we are in the goal of saving energy. It will conserve large amount of energy and will lessen your electricity bill. There’s a lot more advantages when using a solar panel. Just like this one, they make a road with solar panel and they saved large amount of energy for their streetlights.

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