Bachelor’s Diary is a youth centric web-series which shows the various facets of youth life. It is the story of love, lust, life, dream, career, ambition and motivation of four roommates named Raj, Vivek, Ritesh and Pandey. It is one of the boldest attempts to plunge into the secrets of a Bachelor’s Life. This series is produced by Sound Station, an established production house which has produced many movies and TV serials. Now let’s have a look at ten astounding facts which make you fall for this series.Bachelor's Diary

1-The series is directed by Ram Yadav. He has worked with over 400 movies as Director, Editor, Music Director and Action Director.RAM-YADAV-F

2-This series is produced by Deepa Yadav, who has played the lead actress role in many movies.deepa-yadav-

3-The story is written by Satyapal Chandra and Dhirendra S. Kushwaha. Initially it was a story of film named ‘Life Yahi hai’ which was postponed for some reasons.  It was based on Satyapal Chandra ‘s novels named ‘But Life Moves On’ which is yet to be published. Satyapal Chandra has already achieved accolades for writing ten novels of different genres which are hugely successful among various age groups.Satyapal ChaNDRA

4-Dhirendra S. Kushwaha is an engineer by profession who has left his job to purse his passion of writing. He is the person behind creating many realistic scenes of this series.Dhirendra S Kushwaha

5-The Series was edited by Virendra Yadav who is a medical drop out. He has dropped his medical career to purse his passion for films.images

6-Naveen Kumar has played the role of Ritesh who always falls for different girls in series. He is also an engineer by profession. He has ditched his professional career to follow the call of his heart.Naveen Kumar

7-Ravi Chandra Shekhar has played the character of emotion full professional named Vivek. He is an established actor and had played the lead role in many TV serials and movies.Ravichandra Shekhar

8-SriKant G. Jamunde has played the role of novice Pandey who always irritates everyone by his foolish acts. He is also an engineer. He is a well known theater artist with extensive work experience.Srikhant G Jamunde

9-Jassi singh has played the character of Raj who is a stud and most dominating character in series. He is an establish model who has also participated in many ramp walks.jassi singh

10-Manisha Yadav who has played the role of Vivek’s girlfriend named Shalini who has duel personality is a commerce graduate from Delhi.Manisha Yadav

Now you should watch the first episode and you should leave your honest opinion.

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