11 Best Free Tools to Success PPC

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Now, A every worker is using some tools to improve his work Like Carpenter use Harmer , Writer use Pen, Computer , etc  So, as The Same Case PPC have some tools to take some Improvement in this Field.
So, Today I am here going to Share “11 Free Tools to Success PPC”  it’s is helpful and useful for you.

#1. Adwords Editor

Adwords Editor is tool which is Developed by Google , It’s Most top and Helpful tool for PPC . So, I am suggesting you this tool on the First Position .

#2. Google Analytics

Adwords and Bing interfaces go far as always, in this case they do not give proper performance after the ad click . So, for stay in touch any time with your Campaign we use Google Analytics to check Page Views, Clicks, Rates , etc.

#3. Google Docs

Google Docs is other Helpful web tool because when we create any Spread Sheet or Any document then Multiple of our User can edit or Modify that Document .

#4. Google Drive

Google Drive is Platform where we can store our any personal Data easily, And this is best from other . So, here you can use it to store your Documents also.

#5. FTP for Google Merchant Account

It’s too Hard to listing Thousands of Google Ads to manually . So, in this Case we suggest make use of FTPand feed automatically .

#6. Google Suggest

Google SuggestProvide Fun ways to  do Keyword Research Properly .

#7. Bing Ads Editor

Bing AdsEditor is Other Most famous and Useful free Tool which is Developed by Bing .

#8. Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing AdsIntelligence is Look Like Excel Plug for best Keyword Research . Because It Shows Search Volume , Create Ad group , Demographic Data  .

#9. Excel

Excel is offline Software of Microsoft . It’s Part of Microsoft Office Tool, it needs to install on your computer. And lot of PPC expert take it compulsory to Analyze and Manipulate PPC data .

#10. Uber Suggest

Lot of PPC experts like UberSuggest because it provide good suggestion of Blog Topic to Promote your Ads . And they are best result it can save your time to do this work. So, it is amazing tool to Generate Blog topic Ideas .

#11. SplitTester

SplitTester is Most Favorite tool which used by Lot of PPC expert . It is Free Online Statistical tester . In this tool you need to Plug in Clicks and CTR to check performance of your Ads I mean which ads is Performing well .

So, Guys This was My Little collection of “Make us of This 11 Best Free Tools to Improve your PPC” or in other words- 11 Free must have tools for PPC Success .

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