Top 5 Zoom Alternatives – Video Conferences {FREE}


Well, by 2021 we all have realized what role digitalization plays in our lives.

We are just stuck up at our homes miles away from where we work, where we study, maybe even from where we live!

It’s the time where we are compelled to think that,  How lucky we are to have all the digital tools that help us virtually be present at all those places where we may not reach due to the dreaded ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

I don’t think I could have taken any other example other than the situation the whole world is facing at the same time due to the same cause!

Can we even imagine what our lives would be if there is no technology, no video calls, nothing that helps us connect to the contemporary world?

Coming to all those treasures of technology that have helped us in getting close to everything despite the prevailing situations. 

Here I will start with Zoom Alternatives. Not even a single person in this lockdown I think is left to hear this name “Zoom”. Whatever the purpose may be, The idea of using Zoom has always popped in every single head. It is one of the most preferred video conferencing channels. Your friend or relative or boss just sends you the link with the time of the meeting and you just click on it and that’s it! 

It has gained significant prominence these days due to the underway outbreak.

But using Zoom is a topic of hot debate these days, there are reports of Malware, data hacking, etc. This all makes it a matter to worry about. Almost all colleges, government institutions have warned their students or employees not to use this app as it tends to send some of the crucial and personal data to third parties in China.

But when we are here with every possible solution to your every possible problem then all you need to do is sit back and relax!

Just go through all the Zoom alternatives that we have hand picked for you so that you don’t face any hindrance in your work or keeping up the beat with your loved ones.

List of Top 5 Zoom Alternatives :

1. Google Meet

google meet Zoom Alternatives

One of the must-try platforms to be used as Zoom Alternatives, providing you with all that Zoom offers.

It is a free platform that offers you Video chat along with the ease of sharing photos, emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, and even maps. This platform offers around 10 people to be present together virtually at the same time sitting miles away. Moreover, if you are ready to pay the price you can even add 25 persons at one time for the call. Not only this it also provides you with the option of chatting with 150 individuals at the same time.

It is best to know that we don’t have to spend a single cent on long video conversations. We just need a good internet connection with good speed so that our long video talks end up smoothly.

Google Hangouts needs your signing up and it uses your Gmail so as, to begin with, the services it provides. You will not regret using Google Hangouts as one of the Zoom Alternatives as this is fun to use a platform that will solve all your problems of being separated from your surrounding world.

Visit –

2. Cisco Webex Meetings

ciso Zoom Alternatives

Cisco Webex is another option that will cater to your demands of video calls and will prove to be one of the finest platforms as Zoom Alternatives. 

It is a smart platform to use as a Zoom Alternative so as to reach out to every single person to whom you cannot reach out actually.

It is really one of the greatest gifts of technology these days where you can hang out with friends in Delhi and still be available to your family members in Chicago.

It offers you services like Zoom allowing you to organize webinars, conferences, etc.

It permits you to host video conferences on multiple device types and in no way it’s gonna let you down if you tend to use this platform to stay tuned with the outside world.

The best thing about using Webex Meeting is that it offers its users to host meetings with no time limit, unlike Zoom which just offers to host a meeting for 40 minutes. Thus making it very clear that It is a worth trying platform amongst Zoom Alternatives.

3. Skype or Microsoft Teams

skype Zoom Alternatives

Skype is one of the very close competitors of Zoom application and it has given a tough fight to it when it comes to the terms of services that it offers.

It is a widely used place to orchestrate a variety of online events with the participation of multiple individuals simultaneously residing at different places on the globe.

We all know it better that work from home is becoming a need of the hour when we think of the possible situation where we cannot reach out to the office, schools, etc. mundanely.

Skype is a must-to use platform if you are thinking of using Zoom Alternatives to conduct interviews or intend to deliver instructions to the individuals face to face.  

You can even share your presentations which can give you the essence of your office ambiance.

It is a very popular video calling application as Zoom Alternatives and is widely used by different sized organizations in order to carry out their work without being hindered by the problem that the current situation is posing in every field.

Let us discuss what number of individuals can come together in a single meet. Skype permits around 50 individuals, which can be increased to 250 when you have a paid subscription.No doubt that this number is significantly less when compared to Zoom but still when it comes to the safety of data Skype is more trustworthy.

4. Discord

Top 5 Zoom Alternatives - Video Conferences {FREE}

Discord is a very popular app in the world of gaming. It is a very renowned name in the index Zoom Alternatives that you must try if you are looking for something different than Zoom.

It will become even more attractive when you will come to know that it is amongst free Zoom Alternatives.

If you are someone who is looking for a platform that offers encrypted messaging chats and video calls then no need to go anywhere just switch to Discord and you are done.

It works easily on various operating systems like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

It allows up to 10 -50 users that can come together to a virtual gathering offered by Discord.

You won’t face any difficulty in using this as it is a user-oriented application very convenient to use with the view of providing its user the best experience of video conferencing.

It is a mobile-friendly application so you don’t need to worry if you can’t put makeup on your PC.

If you are a fan of dark themes then it is just a perfect place for you as it allows its user to switch to dark mode. What are you waiting for? If you are really looking forward to using something amazing as Zoom Alternatives then it is just a perfect choice for you!

5. Jitsi Meet

Top 5 Zoom Alternatives - Video Conferences {FREE}

Another very popular name in the list that we have picked up for you to try out as one of the Zoom Alternatives is Jitsi Meet.

It offers participation of around 75 users in one go with an option for you to choose from public or private chat. Moreover, letting you blur the background in the beta version.

It is a free Video Conferencing Tool that even allows you to stream your meeting via Youtube Live, it also offers you password encrypted rooms for your secure Meets.

It is an open-source that allows you to host the meeting for an unlimited time unlike Zoom offering limited time period meetings.

If you want to try out something that offers you HD quality video conferencing then you are at the right place. Just try out this Zoom Alternative and let yourself have the best video calling experience.

It was a small effort to provide you with the list of various zoom alternatives applications that have saved us from drowning in the gloom of our inability to reach out to the place where our contribution is direly needed.

My God what a loss it could be, but luckily it’s not!

We have everything that connects us to our family, friends, business partners, employees, and whatnot. The only thing is we have to search beyond our limits in order to be omnipresent, no matter what stumbling block comes our way!

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