YouTube – The Best Source of Earning Money This Year

YouTube - The Best Source of Earning Money This Year

2020 is the year of bad luck and sad stories worldwide. It started with the Coronavirus pandemic, forest fires, and the recent firecracker factory burst in Lebanon, injuring thousands of people. However, the one thing that has flourished and shown promising growth in digital media is YouTube. It is one of the best marketing strategies adopted by many companies. 

YouTube - The Best Source of Earning Money This Year

Did you know that more than five billion YouTube videos are watched every day around the globe? Recipes, lifestyle, short films, and various other videos are available on YouTube that many people follow every day. If you like to make videos of anything you like to do, then it’s about time to make it your earning point. 

It is not that hard to make money via YouTube videos. All you need is a computer, a good video editing software, and a great camera. YouTube is no more limited to a few users. It can be a great earning strategy for even a village girl. VideoCreek is a great YouTube video editor that will help you make and edit great videos. 

Tips for Earning Money by Video Uploading

The first thing to cross your mind when you start making videos is how are you going to earn from it? Where will you get so many views? How to get subscribers? Well, in this article, we will discuss YouTube videos as an earning strategy. Since the competition is intense, some tips can be helpful to start your vlog. 

It has been a huge earning chance for different channels that showcase tutorials and product reviews to promote affiliate links. If a particular channel promotes a certain product, and a viewer visits the link of the product the channel recommended, the channel owner gets a commission. 

One must not hover around, posting all their YouTube content with an affiliate link. It might be of monetary benefit, but remember, the viewers will only go through the link if your channel is of a trusted source. 

To gain trust from the viewers, you can try to upload contents that would help the viewers solve their basic problems with a personal touch. It can be product related or genuine everyday issues.  

There are various affiliate programs for you to join. These different programs can come in handy from one place or on various popular affiliate networks like Shareasale Or Awin. 

One of the best ways to increase your revenue is to start a blog in combination with your YouTube channel and post the affiliate links. With this, you gain profit from sharing the link on YouTube and increase revenue with the help of your website. 

2. Join Hands and Earn From Advertising

Many YouTubers use advertisements as their main motto of earning. There are various ways to earn money as a YouTuber. You can introduce ads between your videos, take your channel memberships, Google Adsense banners, and more. 

However, you need to fulfill certain rules and criteria before getting a certification of partnerships. You must have 1k subscribers with about 4k hours of video watches in a year. 

You don’t have a timeline or timing to cover the watch hours, but you need to meet that before getting certifications. When you see a green dollar sign beside your videos, it means that you can now start YouTube Monetization. 

With the new introduction of YouTube premium, many channels are earning less, but did you know that they get a good amount of compensation based on the overall views. Therefore, it is best to look for other ideas to incorporate, as well. 

3. Grab Funds from Fans through YouTube videos

If you’re an amazing content creator with an extravagant fan following, you can ask for help from your fan base to help raise funding. This funding will help your channel grow, and you can use this to create various video contents without the risk of losing or investing huge money.  

There is a platform named Patreon, which helps with a seamless process of earning with the help of your videos. It provides viewers with a subscription to different channels, and with each subscription, there’s a certain amount you get paid. 

The subscribers, on the other hand, get merchandise and rewards from their favorite content creators or YouTubers. Another service platform known as Tippee helps you with providing a combination of recurring and one-time donations. 

Almost all channels, profit, and non-profit are gripping on the idea of fan-funding to carry out their content creating operations smoothly, thus keeping their audience entertained. One should keep working on providing quality content to keep their audience pleased, and thus, get to know about the generosity of their fanbase. 

4. Learn About YouTube SEO

You need to keep up your SEO and look for followers. The first thing to do is to look for the right keyword. You can look for the keywords that the people are frequently using to search on YouTube. 

Now, you have to use the keywords in your title, descriptions, and tags. The traffic source helps to get an idea of what people are looking for when they land on your video. 

Here are the top five YouTube SEO ranking factors that you can consider to increase your video SEO.

  • The number of comments you get on your videos.
  • Subscribers who add up after watching your video.
  • A ratio between likes and dislikes.
  • The length of your video.
  • Rate of search results.

5. YouTube Marketing Funnel

YouTube is one of the best ways to Market products. It works a lot better when you add your blogs and create proper content in a similar niche. Although your buyers are limited to your fans, yet with an affiliate product and a blog, you can reach people easily. Learn this here now.

This way, you can drag your viewers and fans to your blog pages and buy and share your products among their family and friends. You can start with a few giveaway sessions to grab buyers. 

These are some ways that will help you to start earning money on YouTube. 

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