How to Write an SEO Optimized Article in Blogger

How to Write an SEO Optimized Article in Blogger
A very Popular proverb “Content is King” is perfectly right, but it also needs some SEO customizations which can help you rank higher in Google and get traffic for your Old Posts. But there are only few Expert writer who know, How to Write SEO optimized Article in blogger. Because the majority of the bloggers are Newbies, only few become experts, others just left this field without really knowing about the SEO Tricks and Tips. They Just write in their own way without using any special keywords which results in no organic traffic. So, here we are writing a post for all of them, who want to learn ways to Write Fully SEO Optimized Article in blogger.
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But before starting just wanna say that, I am not describing how to write an article, instead I am just explaining Important things needed in Article to make it SEO friendly. So, lets start.

How to Write an SEO Optimized Article in Blogger

SEO Optimized Articles Writing in Blogger

#1 Title Most important

As you know Blogger don’t provide us the premium plugins related to SEO. So, here we can’t use different titles for both search Engine and Users. But still we can write a properly optimized Article which will be suitable for both. For Example, in this Article we are targeting “SEO Optimized Article in Blogger“.

Title for Only Search Engine:- SEO Optimized Article in Blogger.

Title for both Users and Search Engine:- How to Write SEO optimized Article in Blogger.

Look at the second Title which includes our targeted keyword and also keywords which will induce clicks from users. If we have only written Title for Search Engine, then, CTR will automatically be touching ground. So, always use some conversational keywords as well as targeted keywords for Title Optimization in Blogger.

#2 Description

Recently Blogger also introduced a different Description option for Each Post. That Description will be shown as a snippet when we share it on social networks or when it will appear in search Engine. So, it will decide the CTR of your Post. For a Properly Optimized Description, you need to Add some lines for users, telling them that this post will certainly help them and also never forget to include targeted keyword in it. For Example, See the Screenshot of Description of this Post.

SEO Optimized Description

It includes a snippet explaining to users that this post will help them get more organic traffic by writing optimized articles and we also included our targeted keyword in it.

A Properly written permalink also creates difference in Fully Optimized post or just simple post without optimization. So, you Must Include targeted keyword in Permalink and remember not to use any other words or phrases. For Example See the Screenshot of the Post’s Permalink.

Optimized Permalink

It only includes main keywords. So, try doing it the same way using only targeted words or phrases.

#4 Image Optimization

This step is mostly ignored by Newbies, even me in the beginning ignored Image Optimizations. But once I got to it helps in ranking better and also getting some traffic from Image search, then, i learned about it. So, to properly Optimize Images, you need to enter ALT Text and ALT Title to make them readable for Search Engine Because Robots can’t read Images. In Blogger, just click at image>>Properties and then, you will find options to Add ALT text and ALT Title.

Optimized Images

#5 Proper Interlinking

It is very important to decrease Bounce rate of your blog. You just need to link your old quality posts with new ones. So, Users will not hit back button, instead they will read your other posts. But always remember to use attractive Anchor text and don’t use same anchor text too often.So, Never forget to do Internal Linking to optimize blog posts.

#6 Other Important things for SEO Optimized Article

We almost covered each aspect to optimize Blog posts in blogger. But those who didn’t read it properly, below is a short checklist of all those things and some extra ones which you need to do properly to rank well in search engine.

  • Title , description and permalink must contain Targeted Keyword.
  • Density of Targeted keyword in the content must be around 2-4%.
  • The Images Alt text must contain the Targeted Keyword.
  • You must include targeted keyword in Italics, Bold and Underline in content.
  • Targeted keyword must be present in first and last 100-120 words of Article.

So, these are things you need to write an SEO optimized Article in Blogger. I hope it is helpful. If you have any doubts regarding any points, then don’t feel shy to ask via comments.

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