Write Scannable Content. As we all know, the majority of visitors or readers Scan your content rather than reading it. You can whatever to make them, read, but it will barely increase the number of readers who read content closely. If you still wanna try increase reading percentage, then, you can try some of the below given steps.

#1 Attractive Headings and short Paragraphs

If you are writing long articles, then stop. No, No, I am not stopping you to write long Articles. Actually, I am stopping you to write in one paragraph mode. Just write short Paragraphs with attractive headings. So, user will read each paragraph.

#2 Attractive Images for each paragraph

You can also use some attractive images for each short paragraph. So, the reader will get attracted towards each Para and read it closely.

Now, If these Tips works for you, then, it’s very Good. But if not, then, you need to learn a way to write scannable content. And How you gonna do it. I will explain in this Article.

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 Write Scannable Content

Top ways to Write Scannable Content

Firstly, you need some creative writing skills. Then only you can write Scannable content. And what I mean by creative writing skills? You need to write content ton your own, not copying or rewriting. You need to use your mind to introduce totally unique content.

#1 Use 2 Above Given methods – Headings and Images

You can use Headings and images to make your readers read the content. But if they still aren’t wanting it to read, then these two things are best to make your content perfectly scannable. Readers will surely read headings, and first line of paragraphs. Also the use of Images will make them scan some lines of the paragraph.

#2 List Styles

The list style posts attract more visitors when compared to normal post. It also makes it easier for readers to scan and understand your content.¬† So, always Use list styles in your post, but only if it is required. Don’t add them forcefully.

#3 Use of Blockquote

Usage of blockquote for the main text of your post can really attract visitors. They will surely read the text present in Blockquote. So, always use them in your posts.

#4 Write “Main Point” Posts

What I mean here by Main Points is, Just quickly write main point or business point of your post without any Off-topic  or description writing. Just try to explain the Nucleus of your post without worrying about the outer body.

#5 Formatting Styles

Usage of Formatting (Bold, italics, Underline) has many benefits. It will attract visitors to read that paragraph where formatting is used and also it will help Search engine robots to check he relevancy of content to the title. Also, it will help you rank better, if you use your targeted keywords in Formatting tags.

Final Words

All these ways will help you make your content scannable, but in the end, you need to use your brain and become creative. Without creativeness, you can not engage people in your content. So, do your best to include creative things in your posts, it will certainly help you become creative. You must heard, Practice makes Man/ Women Perfect. So, take some inspiration from these words and do it until you become perfect.

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So, that’s it with the Article. If you have any questions, Shoot them via comments.

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