6 Simple Ways to Write Quality Blog Posts Quickly

New Comers Always Notice that Pro Bloggers Write Quality Blog Posts Quickly as soon as they get Fresh News to share. Even I had this thinking in my past, about 1 Year Ago. I use to think that How they can Write that Much content on a New Topic. But with Time I got Some Experience in Writing and Learnt some techniques to write quickly. So Today I Decided to Share those useful points with my Readers that will help them grow as a blogger and write quick blog posts.

6 Effective methods to write Blog posts Quickly

1. Select Click Inducing Title

Writing Attractive Title will Induce More Clicks but it’s not an easy job to select an efficient title with some Rich Keywords and Attractive Phrases. Most of the Bloggers Choose Words from their Articles without making any Keywords Research that Means their Article will not be search Engine Friendly.
Some of them do Keyword Research very effectively, but still they don’t have enough clicks from search Results. So for producing the best results, it’s important to use the Attractive phrase with Popularly Searched keyword.

Learn Some Keyword Research Techniques:- 

Now, After Having Some Rich Keywords for Your Title Select Some Phrases which will catch Users Eye and induce a click. Below are some Examples:-

  • 10 Simple Ways to
  • 7 Effective Tips for
  • How to
  • 5 Quick Ways to
  • Top 20 Ways to
  • 15 Ways to

These Above Given are Best Popular Phrases that you may find many Bloggers use very frequently.
For Example Read title of this post.

2. Gather Some Information and Write Down Points

After writing a Title next thing would be writing  good informative article, but for doing so, you have to collect some information regarding the topic you focusing on.
For Gathering Information, Read Some Articles by doing Google Search and Write down some points in a Copy or Post Editor.

For Example, If you are writing on a topic “How to Start a Blog?“.  Than Your Points should be like “Select Platform“, “Buy Domain”, “Hosting Plan”, “choose Theme”, “Write SEO Optimized Title and Content”.
5 to 10 Points Would be Enough to Write In-depth Article.

3. Write Descriptive Paragraph on each Point

After writing down points, Select them one by one and then write some descriptive information in a paragraph that gives some value to your readers. Don’t Feel Shy of using Popular Content as an Example somewhere in your article as an example. Also Don’t Forget to give Credit Link if you are using someones Material.

4. Use Flash Media When Required

Flash Media is Most Attractive things on the internet which can attract anyone on the web but excessive usage can slow down your blog which is bad SEO practices. So You can use Images and Videos where it is required.

5. Proofread Article

Check Your Article Many times to Remove Grammar or Spelling Mistakes. A properly written article with  zero mistakes ranks much higher than others. So Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Errors.

The address of your Post must only contain main Keywords. It Should Not Contain any other Words.

For Example, Permalink of the Article is ” http://www.mybloggerworld.com/2014/03/Write-Quality-Blog-Posts-Quickly.html”. This Contains only Main Keywords of the Title. So Choose you Permalink Carefully.

So, After Following these Points regularly, you will find your writing skills refined and it is a lot easier to write quality blog posts quickly.
If you Still has any Difficulty regarding any matter, then you can Ask me through comments.

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