How to Write a Blog Post : Short Guide

How to Write a Blog Post

I have been constantly working on to provide some short guides for Newbies which can help them improve their Blogs. That’s why I already Gone through Many Topics Like “How to Write Scannable Content“, “How Long a Blog Post Should Be“, “Make Money Blogging“, and many more.

Today I am continuing that List of Short Guides because I selected another Topic which is very important for Newbies. In the Beginning of Blogging Career, everyone must have faced a problem about writing Blog posts, all newbies found themselves nowhere when they think of writing a new blog post. But this problem will not occur in future, just read this short guide on “Write a Blog Post“. So, let’s begin without wasting too much time.

Tips to Write a Blog Post : with Quality

How to Write a Blog Post

#1 Scan Your Readers

This is the first ever thing you must consider before writing a Blog post. You must know what Your Readers want from you. If you have lots of newbie readers, then consider choosing a simple Topic, solving some common problems for them. For Example, When I was a newbie, I faced many problems while writing a Blog post, it was very difficult for me to write a Blog post and that’s why I selected this topic to Help newbies. You can also do the same, but remember to write only on your expertise topic. You must have some experience in that topic to be able to teach others. If you do, it will certainly make your readers happy, they will love your blog posts.

#2 Short, Sweet, Attractive Title

After knowing what your Readers want, your next step would be to write sweet and attractive Title for your Blog Post. To Write a Title, Do some keyword research on that topic, you selected and then use some phrases with Keywords (You selected after keyword research).

#3 Write Post Introduction carefully

After selecting catchy Title, you need to write an attractive Post Introduction because a Poor beginning of the post will make users leave without reading it fully. The most times, Reader tend to inspect the quality of a post by reading first Few Lines. So, focus on the first few lines of your post and make it attractive. To make it attractive, You can give a clear Idea to Readers, what you are offering in that post, if readers have an interest in that topic, they will surely read full post. But avoid any crap or unwanted lines from the first paragraph.

#4 Organize and Write

Now, the next step and the most important step in “Write a Blog post” Guide would be to write the body section of your blog post. While writing body, Keep one thing in mind that you don’t wanna include any crap information. Once you understand this, your post will always rock as it will only contain information which is helpful to others.

#5 Call to Action in Conclusion Part

In the concluding part of your blog post, always include a Call to action. It can be anything, you can ask readers to comment, you can ask readers to subscribe. The majority times Call to Action works, so always include this in the conclusion part.

#6 Formatting and On-Page SEO

After completing your Article, take some time and work on On-Page SEO as it will help you get some organic traffic. Always Use Formatting Tags like “Bold”, “Italics”, “Underline”, etc. on main targeted keywords. Also use Various heading Tags in your post to make it easier to read.

Final Words on “Write a Blog Post” Guide

So, this ends the short Guide for Newbies. In the final section, I just wanna say, write every blog post from the bottom of your heart as you are writing it for yourself. So, this concludes “Write a Blog post” Guide.

If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments and also don’t forget to subscribe to get more guides in your inbox for free.

  1. Hey Atinder S Gill,
    I am agree with your second point, because attractive titles attract more readers from organic search. if post is ranked on SERP with attractive titles, we can bring even more traffic to our blog as well as increase readership of our blog.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Hi Atinder,

    You have mentioned very important point, all these points should be considered while starting with the blog. Although point no. 2,3 and 4 play a very important role in engaging your readers, other points are equally important.


    1. Hello Dev,
      Yes these All are very important points. Thanks for your valuable comment. Keep reading

  3. I agree whole heartedly for point (2). Writing a short and informative post with a catchy title is one of the technique some bloggers mostly newbie seems to overlook. There are some lazy guys who find it very difficult to read a long post with a boring title. Following the tips which you’ve outlined will definitely bring changes to any blog that applies these technique. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your valuable time Victor and yes Short posts and catchy Titles is the way to go about blogging these days.

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