Guest Posting is the best way to Build Reputation and get some backlinks. Additionally, it Drives a Huge Number of visitors to your Blog. But in Recent Times Google changed the meaning of Guest Posting as there are many Blogs Hit By Penalty due to Unnatural Links or for Low quality Guest Posts. So, after this change Many Popular Bloggers rejected Many Guest Posts due to inefficient Quality. But this doesn’t Newbies don’t have any Blogs to Guest Post. They can Post on any Blog accepting Articles from Guest Contributors but before doing so, they need to learn How to Write Ideal Guest Posts so other Bloggers can’t reject their Articles due to any Reason. So, Here we will provide Some Basic Tips to Write Unique Attractive Articles on other Blogs.


Below are some steps needed to follow by any Guest Contributor to get accepted:-

  1. Read More Guest Articles on other Blogs
  2. Find best Niche Related to your blog
  3. Check What Audience Wants
  4. Get the Unique Idea
  5. Talk with the Owner before writing Article
  6. Write According to Rules specified by the Owner
  7. Proofread Article
  8. Submit Post and Let Owner Know about it.

Read more Guest Articles on other blogs:-

This is my first advice to any beginner looking to write Articles for Others. Because in writing Quality Articles, you will need a lot of knowledge and for that Reading Article’s submitted by other Guest Contributors on different blogs is Important. They will give you different Ideas about How to use keywords, Make it user friendly, Attractive and many other things. All these things will help you become a good writer.

This is Important For removing the Risk of Penalty Because Google hates irrelevant backlinks and also Targeted audience will be different. So, you will not get the Reputation you want for your blog.
So, For finding Best Niche, Search on Google on Keywords related to your Blog and then, write out some popular blogs where you want to write as a contributor. After that, select 2 or 3 best Blogs which suit your writing skills and also matches your blog Content. So, this way you will get Related backlinks which will get you High Rankings in search Engine and also it will build Reputation among same targeted Audience.

Check what Audience Wants:-

All those Guest Article Accepting Blogs which You have selected will contain many Already Published Posts under various Topics. So, You have to think what Audience wants on that Blogs. The Majority of Times, Audience will welcome Posts related to Popular Topics on those Blogs. To Know about Popular Topics, Read Most Viewed or Most Commented Sections where you will get Popular Posts. Then, You can start writing on a topic something related to that.

Get the unique Idea:-

After Knowing what Audience, selecting a unique Idea will not be a difficult one. After going through Most Viewed or most popular sections on a blog, you will get a fair Idea about the Topic But before writing makes some keyword research on that Topic. If that Topic has High Competition then, there is not point writing about.
So, select a unique Idea (Article on Less competitive Keyword) after Researching with Keyword Planner or by Using Google Search and then go to the next step.

Talk with the Owner Before Writing Article:-

It’s very Important to have a talk with the Owner of the Blog before writing any guest article. Because Blog Owner may not like your Topic and may suggest a better topic .So, it could be a problem if you already written Article without Consulting about the Topic with the Owner. In that case You have write a new article on a topic suggested by Admin. On the other side, If Owner approves your Selected Topic then, go through with it and Write a Unique Post.

Write According to Rules specified by the Admin:-

One last thing before writing is, going through the Rules and Regulations specified by the Adminitrator. So, you unintentionally Never Broke any Rules. Because if you did it, then, you may not be accepted as guest contributor in future. So, be Careful about all the Terms of any blog where you wanna publish Guest Articles.

Proofread Article:-

As we know no one like to read Article with Full of Spelling and Grammtical Mistakes. So, Proofreading Article to avoid these Mistakes is very vital. To do Proofreading, take three steps given below.

  • Save Article after Writing it to check it later with Fresh Eyes.
  • After Resting Your Eyes check it and remove all Spelling and Grammatical errors.
  • Read these Methods for better Skills:-  How to proofread an Article to Avoid Mistakes

Submit Post and let Owner Know about it:-

Now, after following all those above given steps, your post will be ready for publishing. So, Submit that Post to the Admin of the Blog for Review. Each blog have different ways of Submission. Some of them provide you Guest contributor account where you can submit posts. But others may Not provide any account, you have to send your post through email. But either way, after submitting post don’t forget to let owner know about it. Send him an Email containing Message about your guest Post. For Example “Hello Name, I have submitted my Article for Review. Please check it as soon as possible. I will wait for Your Reply”. Remember don’t write these exact lines, this is just an example.

So, these are some tips on How to Write Ideal Guest Post. Don’t Forget to comment below for some feedback or share this Article on Social Networks.

  1. Nice post, Guest blogging can really help us to get quality backlinks and traffic to our blog

  2. I am new freelancer writer. I am glad to read your post.Thanks for this informative article.

  3. Very nice article..!
    Everyone should conclude the above point while writing guest post,this will be beneficial for them.
    Thank you for such a wonderful sharing, Sir!

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