No doubt we all want to make extra money. Making money real quick can become an obsession for people who prefer to go with the shortcuts. There are good ways to make money and so the bad ways. After all, who won’t like to make money with bare minimum efforts and anything so! Well, if you are the one wants extra money in an easier manner,  you need to be cautious with what you decide. 

Just like there are some top-notch options to make money, there are some ways you won’t like to consider either.

Top 11 worst ways to make money

Here we are going to go through some options that are considered the worst ways of making money! Let’s check them out and know why it is so!


The 11 worst ways to make money

Recycling requires a lot of effort and is a very time-consuming option with very little return. It is a lesser-known fact that a lot of recycling is required to be done to earn a profit.

In many cases, you would have to collect recyclables from others, which requires you to have some storage space and to clean the required amount of items. 


The 11 worst ways to make money

Here again, we see an option which you should not consider as a source of income in the long run. In cases where the odds of winning the lottery are very low, you might even lose the money you have invested.

Clearly, depending solely on lotteries is not a wise choice for someone looking forward to making good money.

Treasure hunting

The 11 worst ways to make money

Well, treasure hunting is a real thing where the prize is hidden somewhere, and people are encouraged to find the hidden treasure.

It is done with the help of a metal detector and a GPS is required to search for the lost treasure. However, it requires a great amount of time to invest, but the return is low. 

Renting stuff

The 11 worst ways to make money

Renting out personal stuff has become a more popular option in the last few years. There are various websites that let you rent out your car, parking spaces, a spare room, tools, or anything else you might have. Usually people rent out their privately-owned vehicles or homes.

The problem with renting is that there is always a certain amount of risk as you may fail to get the full return payment or recover any possible damage to your personal property. In certain circumstances that enter may even refuse to pay on time, which can create problems for you. Clearly, it is not an ideal option to keep as a source of earning extra money.

Selling of bodily fluids

Once you get to know the reality of selling bodily fluids, you may understand that it is a poor way to make money. Yes, the process is extremely time-consuming and comes to low pay. The process takes up a lot of time and can be quite painful, which is troubling in the long run.

Medical Testing

The 11 worst ways to make money

Medical testing is one of the most common jobs that is an utter waste of time, money, and effort. Getting into it is like risking your overall good health for something unworthy. While the treatment for certain illnesses is free, the compensation is provided but your health is at risk.

The problem arises when you need to take more than one experiment at a given time. That’s why medical testing is considered a job that puts you at unnecessary risk.

Work at home schemes

There are a lot of ways of extra income to work from home, but there is a particular work-at-home scam that goes around on a regular basis. Many people post the ads offering people the chance to make money stuffing envelopes or assembling crafts at home or some sort of things. However, when you actually do the work, they start telling you that your work doesn’t meet requirements. 

Playing Video Games

The 11 worst ways to make money

Online video games are another option to make money. It is an opportunity for you that went along with playing video games, like creating in-game items and then selling them for real-world money.

If you are a gameholic person then you find it very interesting but actually it is not. However, these days, you have to compete with players in cheaper markets who have dramatically driven down the value of most of the items you can commonly sell. 

Investment scheme programs

Whether we are talking about trading in foreign currency, day trading, investment or high yield investment it is very rare to make a lot of money with these approaches. These kind of schemes are just fraud scheme programs in which investors are promised a high return, and initially they get it. They promised the same thing with every other investor.

This investment scheme program is completely unsustainable after a few levels, due to which the people who implement them rely on early investors to spread news of their success. 

Sign spinner

Sign spinner is also referred to as holding a sign for traffic. Many times we have seen them standing on a sidewalk, holding a sign to advertise a particular business. This job is tiring due to the requirement of standing on your feet day in and day out and the pay is generally very low. 

Filling out surveys, Surfing or read email

The 11 worst ways to make money

This is an another option that most of the people prefer as it isn’t particularly difficult. There are a lot of websites out there promising you money to surf the net or read an email that is because they are trying to get you to sign up for their programs.

From this you will get paid like 1 cent an email and a few cents a web page as long as you are at the web page for at least 30 to 60 seconds. It sounds like a total waste of time.

You may go through the above list and think that seriously you could make some money from the above listed options.

However, the reality is that with each of these, earning money is incredibly difficult as it requires more luck than it really ought to, and the odds are good that you won’t even get minimum wage with any of these ventures. It would be better to pickicking up a second job rather than considering any one of these options. 

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