Relevance of WordPress Writers in Today’s Guest Posting


Guest posting or guest blogging is something that has taken on a new life in today’s online PR and marketing circles. Whether the goal is brand building and recognition, search engine optimization, increase in traffic or simply honing your writing skill, guest posting can provide ample opportunity to achieve all of the above and more. 

However, writing online usually requires a few other skills. No matter how well you write, you cannot simply pick up a pen and paper and begin to write for the web. There are a number of auxiliary skills that writers are required to have today if they will write for the web. We will look at a couple of these much later in this article. But for now, we want to focus on one skill and that is the use of WordPress.

For the purpose of this article, we will call these writers, WordPress Writers.

Who Exactly are WordPress Writers?


By our brief description above, this name is used to describe bloggers who publish their content on WordPress. They understand how to go about the different tools both for editing and formatting to get what they want and then publish the same to the web.

The reality of the day is that a working knowledge of WordPress is something that any current writer should have. You cannot claim to be a blogger today and you do not know how to use this platform. Not knowing how to use it puts you in a seriously disadvantaged position.

Let’s briefly look at this platform and what makes it tick.

A Look at WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and easily the most popular and widely used one today. This system was introduced to the world on the 27th or May 2003 and between then and now, it has revolutionized the way content is managed and published.

To give you an idea of the kind of powerhouse this content management system has become, let us quickly look at a few statistics.

  • As at 2019, websites that are built on this system make up about 34% of the entire website count.
  • Focusing only on websites built on content management systems, this platform accounts for about 60%.
  • An estimated 661 websites built on this platform spring up daily.
  • About 30.3% of the world’s 1000 top websites are built on this platform.
  • About 965 new posts go live on the platform every minute. That amounts to about 1,390 000 new posts every day.
  • Every month, the platform receives over 131 million unique visitors. This is more than what Twitter receives in the same period.
  • More than just blogging, the platform is a haven for ecommerce sites. WooCommerce which operates on the platform accounts for about 28% of all ecommerce sites.

The above are just a few statistics to give you an idea of how formidable a tool this content management system can be. One of the main reasons why it has grown to this point is the fact that it is quite easy to use. 

Important Skills Needed to Succeed as a WordPress Publisher

Relevance of WordPress Writers in Today's Guest Posting

If you are going to be publishing your content using either a self-hosted WordPress site or the free subdomain, there are a couple of important skills you need to acquire or sharpen to help you achieve better results.

When we talk about skills, you do not need to get apprehensive. Like you may have heard, this platform does not require a whole lot of technical skills. The most important thing is your ability to create engaging content especially when you are simply using it as a blog.

We will quickly highlight a few important ones but you can read about others in this article.

Simple Image Editing

Images are a great tool when publishing content. It is therefore important that you have some basic idea of image editing. You should be able to crop, merge, resize and label images using any simple image editor. You should also learn about image rights and how to ensure you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright.

Text Formatting

Writing for the web is slightly different from traditional writing. One of the ways that this is really shown is in the way the texts are formatted. The ability to properly break up text using bullet points, sub-headings and short sentences are some formatting methods that are important. You should also know how to insert links by hyperlinking them to specific keywords.

Using Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are important to you, your visitors and search engine bots. You must, therefore, understand how to create the right categories and use the right tags to ensure the content you are putting out is getting seen.

Finding and Using Plugins

Plugins add features to your WordPress site. There are over 50,000 plugins that can add some incredible capabilities to your site. Examples include SEO managers that will help you get your content properly optimized, social media linkers that will automatically post your content on specified social media and more. Find the right plugins and get more from your site.

Using Widgets

Widgets can be used to activate some functions of the theme you have chosen. Should you want to run some adverts, add some forms, landing pages or a number of other things, a good understanding of widgets can make it easier. There are a number of other skills that you will find helpful. If you really get good at this, companies like will be willing to work with you if that’s something you are open to.


Like we stated at the beginning, guest posting or blogging is very important in today’s digital marketing space. Therefore, the ability to efficiently create and publish content on the world’s most popular CMS is surely something that offers great value.

Whether you decide to use this skill for yourself or for clients, your relevance as a WordPress writer cannot be overemphasized.

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