twitterTwitter is another great and huge social network , there mostly user are from foreign in this case every famous person will be on twitter you can follow him and read his/her tweets . So, everyone wants to increase his/her followers this is a race in mostly of 60% user who are new.  So, today we will discuss about a new and related topic – “Why People UNFOLLOW you on Twitter” .

Today I am sharing a Inforgraphic to learn this topic deeply and there are some reason given so, please don’t do these mistakes in future if you wants to make a good community on twitter and engage with friends.

twitter unfollow reason

Actually , as I learned every one learn from his mistakes so, in this infographic I am showing you those common mistakes those user done daily by his/her account and then after they lost friends/followers on twitter, in this case they leave twitter and never use again .
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