Which One You Choose : WordPress -vs- Tumblr

What is WordPress and Tumblr?

Both WordPress and Tumblr are very well Known Blogging Systems. Both of them have Millions of Users and Blogs. So Choosing One between Both is a Difficult thing to do.
To Make this Simpler for Everyone we will make some comparisons on the Basis their Features and find Result. So, Let’s Start

Comparison : WordPress -vs- Tumblr

#1 Costs

WordPress is a Free Software But Users have to Pay for Hosting and Domain. It Costs $3 to $10 per Month. But Mainly it depends on Hosting Companies.
Tumblr is also Free to use where you don’t have to pay for Hosting but you have to buy a Domain Name. But there is a very Limited Number of Features. To Access more Features Users have to Pay Small Charges on Tumblr.

#2 Flexibility

WordPress Comes Number 1 when it comes to Flexibility as it has thousands of plugins , Have Premium Frameworks. Users can give Professional Appearance to their Blogs with Ease.
Tumblr Blog Owner can Share Any type of Multimedia on their Blogs but they will have the only Limited Number of Plugins and also they don’t have Premium Frameworks Like WordPress.
WordPress Blogs Looks more Professional than Tumblr Because of Flexibility WordPress Provides.

#3 Themes

WordPress has Best Premium and Free Themes Above 30,000 But Tumblr only have thousand Plus themes . So When it Comes to Themes, WordPress is ahead again as it will Make Blogs Look Attractive.

#4 Social Integration Tools

With World Going Crazy on various Social Networks, it is Must to share your Blog content on these social sites and drive traffic to your Blog. To do this you Need Plenty of different Widgets.
In this Both WordPress and Tumblr has Widgets for very Popular Social Network Like , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Google+, etc.

#5 Customizations

Customization is very Important when it comes to those users who want to give their Blogs different Look. They want Blogs to Look Unique.
WordPress Provides Full Customization Methods to their Users but they will Need Little Knowledge of Coding to use Customizations of WordPress. Users Can do whatever they want with their Blogs at WordPress.
With Tumblr Providing limited Number of Customization Features WordPress is Always be the Best when it Comes to Customization.

#6 Security

Security is Must these days as Number of Hacking Reports Increasing. Both WordPress and Tumblr Provides Good Security. They Don’t Provide High Quality Security that Blogger Provides but Provide Enough to keep Hackers Away.

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#7 Dashboard Easy To Use

WordPress is Again Ahead in this Point as it Provides More easy to use Dashboard when Compared to Tumblr. But Frankly Talking Tumblr can also be very Easy when Users use it for 2-3 Days.


In the Conclusion we wanna Say that WordPress is Best for Everyone Specially if you are Looking to Become a Professional Blogger. It will Give you Freedom , Power and main thing is that you Own your Own Content as WordPress is a Freeware Software which is not owned by any Company.

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