Where To Apply Your Writing Skills And Earn Money

Oh, so you want to write. Yup. But examples from the history of literature show that writing was not the source of regular income in the past. Most writers, who are now considered to be the authors of literary masterpieces, had to live beggary though eventually they won renown. Yup, its brutal truth.

representational image via southwrite.wordpress.com
representational image via southwrite.wordpress.com

But the good new is, now situation is turning around. Now you can earn money via writing. Moreover, you’ll have no need to spend days and nights working on your laptop. Writing is a potential opportunity to get money regularly simultaneously having enough time for self-development, rest and holidays. Isn’t it a good news???

representational image via salary.com
representational image via salary.com

In fact, a good strategy and some efforts will help you become a successful and wealthy writer. Here I will help you out with some tips for you, which can help in building your writing career. So are you ready to explore your writing adventure.

Develop your skills

image via indiaparenting.com
image via indiaparenting.com

To become a successful writer, you need to prove to your potential employers that you have all necessary skills. Moreover, you need constant development to have an opportunity to earn more and more.

Without that point you will face many difficulties in finding a well-paid writer job. To be high-qualified specialist, try to improve your skills through various free online classes:

  1. EDX.org – resource which gives free access to education courses from the best universities in the world. All you need to go is to choose the course, register on the website and start getting free education.
  2. Coursera.org – similar resource with great variety of free educational classes from the best tutors in the world.
  3. Learni.st – video and text lectures from different experts in economy, literature, business, design, etc.
  4. Duolingo.com – substantial free resource for foreign language learners.

Find a job

image via interstude.com
image via interstude.com

If you consider that you have all required skills to become a well-paid freelance writer, you can start building sites where you can earn money for your writing. At first it may be a difficult job, but with the time being you’ll get more and more orders and opportunities to earn.

It is recommended to search for job on several resources and we suggest you a list of such websites:

  1. StudioD– one of the best resources which pays for writing. All you need to do is to create your own account and apply for assignments.
  2. Ecopywriters.com – after applying you will get assignments from admin and have to complete the task by the certain period of time.
  3. Essaymama.com – website where you can get money for essay writing for students.
  4. Writersdomain.net – substantial online resource where you can get money for writing standard or premium articles. To start working you need to fill the application form, take a grammar test and give an example of your writing. Every piece of writing is reviewed by the site.
  5. Contentwriters.com– while making an application you need to mention your skills and win the job matching your experience appears, you will get a notification in your email.
  6. Textbroker.com – online service where you get a fixed payment for every article. To earn more you need to have higher rating which you can reach by constant writing for different clients.

Create passive income

image via business2community.com
image via business2community.com

Searching for the writer’s work on the websites mentioned above is a good way of earning, but not the only one. You need to become more visible among other freelance writers and attract attention of the potential clients. To reach this goal you need to create your own website.

Actually, there is no need to spend a lot of money for it. You can create your own blog or website with the help of free services like WordPress. There you can publish your articles and potential clients will have an opportunity to evaluate your skills.

Moreover, if you have clients who are already satisfied with your work, you may ask them to refer their colleagues and friends to your services. Try to build up stable and lasting relationships with your clients as it will help you to be widely known as a professional and eventually leads you to impressive passive income.

Don’t forget that being a freelance writer needs constant development. Searching for some new work to do, you will become an expert in a definite field, gradually expanding your skills.

If you really want to become a successful freelance writer, follow some recommendations:

image via fumcbb.org
image via fumcbb.org
  • Search for creative treatment and innovations.
  • Explore other ways of earning. If you already are a good writer and managed to learn some foreign language, you can try to earn money by making translations.
  • Write your own book or fan fiction and publish it on kdp.amazon.com.
  • Consult others writers.
    image via parade.com
    image via parade.com

Using the suggested tips you will get an opportunity to earn more, and will have no need to spend most of your time for writing. The rule of getting more money for less time is a cornerstone of successful freelance writer and you really can become such person!

About the Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. He draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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