What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Technique Used to Get Found on #1 in Search Rankings. SEO Techniques are Used in Websites and Blogs for Making them Search Engine Friendly.

What Can be Done With SEO ?

SEO is what Everyone is looking for these Days. There are a Lot of Searches about Learning SEO Online and Lot of Articles and Videos Available About SEO Methods. But Most of those Methods are Out of Date. SEO Is a Thing that Needs Up to Date Information and Correct Information.

FOR Example :- There are a Lot of Articles and Videos About the Use of Meta Tags to Get High Search Engine Rankings But Meta Tags are Totally Outdated Techniques of SEO. Google Stopped Using them More than 5 Years Ago. Meta Tags has No Importance in Search Rankings specially in Google. They May Still work With other Search Engines But Not with Google. Although Meta description have some of the importance in Google which we will discuss in another article.

So Don’t go with the Outdated Methods Available on Internet. It Might Harm your Website. Always Keep researching as Google Make So many Changes in Algorithms and introduce so many different ways to Rank Web Pages.

Methods of SEO:-

There are Two Methods of SEO.
1. Black Hat SEO
2. White Hat SEO

1. Black Hat SEO:- This is an SEO Technique for Getting High Rankings With Bad Tricks and Tips. But Google Getting Smarter Day by Day Will Find these Black Hat SEO Tricks and Will Ban Website Using Black Hat SEO. That Website will Permanently Disappear From Search Engine. So it is Advised to Stay Away From Black Hat SEO Tricks.

2. White Hat SEO :- These are SEO Techniques that Google Like So much. This White Hat SEO Technique is used by Many Online Business to Get High Rankings in Search Engines. This Might Take Long Time than Black Hat Methods But Will Get Higher Rankings for Longer time With White Hat SEO.

Types of SEO Techniques:-

1. On-site Techniques :-These are Techniques to Make Changes Inside a Website to Make it Familiar with Search Engine.

2. Off-Site Techniques :- Off Site Techniques Covers Lot of Aspects Like Links from Other Quality Websites , Social Media Popularity.Link From Other Websites Commonly Called Back links has Great Importance in getting Higher Search Rankings. There are Two Types of Link. One are Links from Top Websites and other are Links from Low Quality Websites. Links from Top Websites Increases Page Rank of Web Page and Links from Low Quality Websites Damage Rankings of Webpages.

These Both Techniques have 50-50 Importance these days to get on the 1st Page in Rankings. But their Might some Instances that Websites getting High Rankings Only With On-Site SEO Techniques but it is what that don’t happen every time. Good Websites Give Emphasis on both Techniques.

Everyone Can Learn SEO?

Yes Everyone Can Learn SEO Easily. It is Not Difficult thing to Learn if You Really Serious About it. It is Just About Learning Different Techniques to Get your Web Pages Optimized for Search and Implement these Techniques at the Right Place.

Limitations of SEO:-

There are Some Limitations of SEO as it could Take Some time in Learning Techniques and Methods.
After Learning it Might take Some more time to Implement that on your Websites and to get Desired Result.

Can I get Ranked On the First Page in Google?

Yes ,With Correct Usage of SEO Techniques and Constant Content Updating on Website will Surely get you Ranked on the First Page of Google. But this is also a Fact that it will Not be an Easy thing to do. It will Take Lots of Effort and Patience.

Where to Learn Full SEO?

We are Providing Full SEO Training Freeware Course (Articles) for Our Readers to Help them top the Rankings with Search Engine Optimization and Some Hard Work. Below is a list of all Articles.

  1. How a Search Engine Works?
  2. Importance of Keywords in SEO
  3. Importance of Backlinks in SEO for High PageRank
  4. Meta Tags – Impacts Search Engine Optimization
  5. What is Google Looking For : Unique Quality Content
  6. How Site Loading Speed Affects Rankings
  7. Keyword Research for Newbie Bloggers
  8. Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO to Improve Search Ranking
  9. Top 21 Factors Cause Google Penalty
  10. 29 Web design Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid
  11. Google Payday Loan Algorithm Update Targets Spammy Queries
  12. How to proofread an Article to Avoid Mistakes
  13. What is Google Panda and Penguin Update
  14. What is Google Hummingbird Update
  15. How to Optimize Site for Google Panda
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