What is Nofollow and Its Importance in SEO?

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Don’t get confused while building backlinks to your blog, because there are two types. Read this post to learn.

What is Nofollow?

Nofollow is an HTML Attribution used with Links on Web pages. For Example:-

<a href=”http://www.mybloggerworld.com/” title=”My Blogger World”>MBW</a>

Now Above Given is a Dofollow Link. We Add Nofollow Tag in the Same Link.

<a href=”http://www.mybloggerworld.com/” title=”My Blogger World”rel=”nofollow”>MBW</a>

Tag in a Red Color Makes it a Nofollow Link.This Tells Google not to Index this Site in Search Engine. If We are Connecting to Other Websites then these Links used to Stop Passing Link Juice.
These Links are Not Followed By Search Engines so they will not count them in incrementing Page Rank or Domain Authority.
But It’s lot Talk About these Nofollow Links Importance in Search Engine Optimization. If Google Not Follow these Links then what are benefits of using this attribute.

Nofollow Importance in SEO?

Some Webmasters and SEO Experts think Nofollow has nothing Role to Play in SEO but Majority of them have wrong thinking. Nofollow Links are Still Valuable in SEO.
Suppose if Someone Creating So Much Dofollow Links for Improving Page Rank  but not focusing on Nofollow then Google Might Se it as Spam. They will Look it as Intentional Because Google Doesn’t allow users to Create Backlinks Intentionally . They Always Say that Webmasters only Focus on Creating Quality Content and Let Others Refer their content. So Maintaining a Ratio Between Nofollow and Dofollow Links would be Ideal. It’s Other Importance’s in SEO are:-

  • When someone Buys Advertisement Links from other Popular Sites to get some Quality Traffic then Nofollow Tag is used Because it will tell Google not to Follow it and Don’t Penalize any Site for Spam Link Building.
  • Webmasters can Connect to external Sites specially Competitors using this Tag to stay Ahead them.
  • It Helps Telling Search Engine not to Follow Low Quality Content or Pages that offers Nothing to Readers.

Nofollow on Pages Like Disclaimer or Conditions?

I have Seen Many Many Questions Related to this Topic on different Platforms so I decided to include it in this Article. Frankly Talking their is No Need to Use this Tag on Pages Like Privacy Policy , Disclaimer , Terms of Use , etc.. Because these pages Might have Some Value for Users as it Provides Rules and Regulations of Website Usage. So Don’t Spend to Much Time on Asking Question on this Topic, Spend this Time to Create Quality Content.

Experts Advice on Nofollow?

Many Experts Think that Nofollow has lot left in Tank Because when Someone Link it other site using Nofollow Tag it still tells search Engine About the Popularity of Website. Specially If a Website like Wikipedia Link to your Site with a Nofollow Link it Will Still Means lot to search Engine and Your Rankings Will Improve with this.
Similarly All Social Sites has Nofollow attribute for Outbound Links But Still Search Engine Counts all those Links in Rankings of a Page Because More Links on Social Sites Means More Popularity of Website among Readers. So In the End Getting Nofollow Links from Popular Sites Means Increase in Authority of Your Website.  Another Benefit of Links From High Power Sites is that Some Smaller Sites will Give Your Backlinks only Because they See your Website as Authority Site Only Because of that Links from Big Daddy’s in Online Business.


NoFollow Might have Nothing to do With Ranking Factor But Still it Brings lot of Traffic from Authority Sites. So Focus on Both Dofollow and Nofollow Links While Building Backlinks Online.

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