What is MozRank ? How to Improve MozRank ?

Did You Ever Hear About MozRank?

If You Thinking About PageRank then You Are Close Enough. MozRank is Latest Trend of Knowing Any Website’s Online Popularity. It is as important as PageRank Because Advertisers While choosing to Advertise on your site not Only See PR, But Also inspects M.R. as it Gives Clear Views About Website Link Popularity.
So in this Post We Will read What is MozRank and How Improve MozRank of your Site?


What is MozRank?

MozRank is a Popularity Score of Any Website which is Updated Regularly and Given Number from 0 to 10. Websites Having 0 M.R. are Least Popular and 10 M.R. are Most Popular. But Generally Average M.R.  3 is Considered Good for Every Site.

M.R. When Compared to PR Considered More Accurate Because it is Update More Constantly where on the Other Side PageRank Updated only 3-4 Times in a year.

It is Given to Web Pages by Calculating the Number of Backlinks Coming from Top Quality Sites. So its Simple Formula Higher the Number of Quality inbound Links, Higher You Site M.R. Will be. It is Also Considered that Web Pages Ranked Higher in MozRank Also Ranks High in Search Results.

How to Increase MozRank?

Their are Many Factors that can be considered to Increase MozRank of a Site. It is Quite Similar on How we Make Efforts to Improve Page Rank.
Below is a List of Things that can improve MozRank:-

Authority Sites are those having High Quality Content With High PR and mR. Getting Backlinks from those Sites can Increase Your Site M.R. as it will Pass Some Link Juice to Your Site. Also Remember to Get Do follow Links Because No follow Links are Not Followed by Robots.
You Can Create Backlinks Many Ways Like Guest Posting , Blog Commenting , From Forums , etc.

Note:- Always Build Relevant Backlinks as Google Penguin Will Penalize Your Site if Backlink Coming to your Page is Not Relevant to Your Site. For Clear Thought You Need Backlinks from Sites having Same Keyword of Your Web page.

Also read:- Importance of Backlinks

20 Top Ways To Build High Authority Backlinks

2. Use Moz Toolbar

Install Moz SEO Toolbar or Plugin on Your System. It Will Give you Lot of Information about different Pages Around the Web. It Will Keep You Up to date as Well as it Improve MozRank. It is Best SEO Tool Trending Online So Make Use of this Quickly.

3. Interlinking Articles

Link Your Article With Other to Reduce Bounce Rate. It Will Increase Inside Links which then increase MozRank. So Interlink Your Old Pages With New Ones to Drive traffic from New to Old Articles.

Learn More :- Different Types of Internal Link Structures to Increase Page Views

4. Follow Common SEO Tips

Follow Some Basic SEO Tips like Usage of H1 Tag , Italic or Bold Tag. It Will Increase Your MozRank immensely. Don’t Ever Try Black Hat SEO Methods. Always Do it in a Legal Way. Read our Special Posts on “What is SEO” and “How to Create SEO friendly Website“.

5. Build Some Reputation

Did you Know It’s All About Building Reputation Online. Create Some Trust Among Your Customers , readers and You Will Automatically start Getting High Amount of Traffic , High Quality Backlinks which will then Increase Your Page Rank and MozRank.

How to Check MozRank of Your Site?

Their Are Two easy Methods of checking MozRank. First One is OpenSiteExplorer.
Just Open this and Enter Your Site Address. it Will Provide All Information including Number of Backlinks , Domain Authority , Popular Pages , Anchor Texts, etc.

We Already has Written About Second Method in this Article. That is Moz Toolbar which Allows you to Navigate Your Sites All Information.
Apart from these Two Methods their are Many Tools Available online to check M.R. but i Will Advice to Use these two Best ones.

What Do you Think About MozRank ?

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  1. I started a new website recently and I was wondering how to improve authority of my website. I found the right answer on your blog. Thanks for sharing these useful tips about MozRank.

  2. Very helpful post. I just shifted my blogger blog to a new domain and the mozrank went zero and now I’m trying really hard to get it up higher, at least to me previous number. This post helps a lot. Will try few tips. Thanks again 🙂

  3. I appreciate your clear explanation of Mozrank it often seems very nebulous to me, and difficult to decipher. You gave clear steps in what to do to help raise our rank. Thank you.

  4. This is an informative and have rich information about taking care of one’s website or blog to improve MOZ ranking. And yes I also agree that we have to be mindful also with Google’s update like Penguin.

  5. How often do Moz update their backlinks? seems that Google are ahead of Moz.

    On a Google note how long after Crawl>Fetch>Submit to Index does the actual keyword position change? I know the index is almost immediately but are the keyword rankings instant too or does it take more time?

  6. Thank you for sharing this informative post. Before reading this, i only knew about alexa and google rank. So Moz rank is also an essential ingredient for a website. Applying proper on page and off page seo factors can increase moz rank to a extend. Thanks again

  7. Hello Atinder,
    You wrote a nice, neat, handsome and helpful post mozrank. Mozrank is playing very important roll in SERP ranking. Your article gave lots of clear ideas about the importance of mozrank within short time. Really you did a great contribution through this sweet and small post. You made it a point to point article with no useless elaboration. I must say you thanks for this job.

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