Do you know What is Panda and Penguin?

Now, You will say these are animals, but wait, these are not. Actually Panda and Penguin are Algorithm updates introduced by Google. Let’s learn More about the same in a clear view.

What is Google Panda Update?

Google Panda is an Algorithm Launched in February 2011. It is Used to Change the Quality of Search Results as it Pushes Low Quality Content Back in the Rankings. It Mainly Introduced Remove Spam Websites or Low Content Websites which have Higher rankings Due to All those Backlinks Created Using White Hat and Black hat SEO.
There are Many Websites who have seen Drop in Traffic After Panda Update due to Duplicate , Low Quality Content.

Google Panda is Also Known as Farmer Update and it is developed  by an Indian Software Engineer of Google Whose Name is Navneet Panda to Remove All Spam Material From Search and to Bring All top Quality Websites in Top of Rankings to Improve User Experience.

Is Google Panda Really Dangerous?

Yes , if your Site has Duplicate or Very Little Content then it will be very Dangerous For you as there are lots of websites who have Top Position in Rankings for Lot of Years But After Google Panda they Find themselves going down in the Rankings only due to Some Low Quality Pages or Having too much Ads that Makes them Low Quality Websites.
Even Single Bad Page on your Site can Harm Your Full Website as Google Panda Penalizes Full Websites.

How to Recover and Survive With Panda?

If your Website is Suffering from Penalty By Google Panda Update then there is the Only way to Recover is to Remove All Low Quality Material From your Websites Including Pages, Posts , Keywords , etc.
It Will Take Some Time to Recover from Google Panda Penalty if you Removed All those Low Quality Material From Your Websites Because When Next Google Panda Update Will Happen it will again check your website and if Panda Finds Nothing Low Quality on your Website then Penalty Might Get Removed and You Will receive Little Reward for Having High Quality Website.

Now, After Recovering From Panda penalty Your Main Aim Should be producing High Quality Content to Survive with Google Panda Update as there is No other Way to Survive.

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What is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin is also an Algorithm Launched in April 2012. It is Launched to Eliminate All Black Hat SEO Techniques like Link Exchange , Keyword stuffing , Paid Backlinks, etc.
Google Penguin Ensures that Sites Using these Black Hat Techniques Never Go up in the Rankings. Only those Sites Go through Google Penguin Surviving who are Following Google Webmaster Guidelines Correctly.

There are Some other Things Also Apart from Link Exchange , Paid Links , Keyword Stuffing that can Also cause problems with well established Websites. These things are having Lot of Backlinks with Same Anchor Text as Many Template and Widgets Producing Websites is Suffering from this Problem Because they have so many Templates and Widgets that Contain lots of Links at the Bottom with Template.
Google Penguin Also Take care of the Guest Posting Techniques to Build Links as Posting on Non-Relevant Sites and Getting Backlinks will Harm Websites.

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How to Recover and Survive with Google Penguin?

As Penguin Punishes Unnatural Links So there will be some websites who Never Used Black Hat Techniques but still affected by Penguin Because Any Low Quality Websites can Link to us and we can’t do anything. So Google Introduced a Tool Called Disavow Tool which can be used to tell Google not to Count Links when Calculating Backlinks for Search Rankings. Users can check Backlinks Coming from Same IP Address and also with Same Anchor Text and can Disavow that Links.
After Removing all those Unnatural Links it could take some time to Recover as Google will Update your website only when Penguin will go through your website Next Time.

Difference Between Panda and Penguin?

There are Some Minor differences as Panda Eliminates Low Quality Content , Penguin Eliminates Illegal Link Building Techniques , Panda Effects Full Website , Penguin Effects Some parts of Websites.
But Both of them are Introduced to Improve User experience in Search Results.

Now I think You have Got a Fair Idea About what Google Panda and Penguin Updates are.

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