What is Google Looking For : Unique Quality Content

Do you have a Website or Blog?

You wanna Get high Amount Traffic?

Ofcourse Yes, but to get traffic, you need to know what Google likes, and then you need to give what they want and then only you will receive a high amount of organic traffic. Now. Let’s discuss it briefly.

What is Google Looking For?

Google is Always Looking for Best Quality Content for their Readers.  User Who Make Searches on Google are always Expecting their Problem to be solved by Google Because it has so much of Good Content. But Having so many of Spam Websites and Duplicate websites gives Bad Impression to that User. So Keep it in your Mind that Google Looks Every Website Similarly as Readers Look.

There is a Tested Fact that 80% of Readers Just Scans Web Page Content Rather than Reading Full Long Article. They Scans Before Reading that it’s worth Giving Valuable Time to this Article or Not. If they Couldn’t Find Anything Interesting then they Might Click the Back Button on the Browser which will Increase your Site Bounce Rate.
So Good Quality, Attractive Content is What Google and Readers Looking For.

Which is Quality Content?

Quality Content Must Have been Written in a way That it will Engage Visitors In Reading . That Content Should not Contain Any copyrighted Material Not Even Single Copyrighted Paragraph. I wanna Tell you My Story About Copyright. Once I Submitted a Guest Blog on one Popular Blog. My Post was About 800 Words and was Uniquely Written But it Contained 1 Definition in the middle of Post that I have Copied from Wikipedia. When I submitted that Guest Post to Blog Owner he Asked me To Write that Area of My Post Again with My Words.
So this is an Example of How Strict Rules are for Writing Content.

Features Of Good Content:-

  • Uniqueness
  • Attractiveness
  • Informational
  • Educational

How Google Creates Difference Between Original and Duplicate ?

Google has Advanced Technology Algorithm Called Panda Which creates Difference Between Original and Duplicate Content . It Also Take Action Against Websites Having Duplicate Content. Even A Single Duplicate Page Harms Full Site Rankings. So it is Always Recommended to Write Good Long Articles For Better Search Visibility.

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Good Effects for Original Content:-

There are Many Good Effects For Original Content.

  • It Will Increase the Number of Subscribers of your Blog.
  • Professional Looking Content Will Make your Blog a Brand.
  • Google PageRank Will Take a Boost.
  • Search Traffic will Increase.
  • Post Sharing on Social Media will Increase.
  • It Will Attract High Quality Links from Other Sites.

How to Write Unique Content?

Some Novice Bloggers Might Get Confused Here. They Think Reversing Words , Changing headings in Copied Article will Make it Unique Content. But this is Wrong Conception as Original Content is what Written in Your Own Words. You Should Write Full Article Yourself. It can be done With Below Given Easy Steps:-
  • Choose your Topic and Do Some Research About it.
  • After Making Research You will get a Fair Idea on What to Write in Article.
  • Now Plan on What Points you will write on that Topic.
  • Start Writing With Some Good Heading Inside Post to Attract Visitors.
  • Use Unique Images Created Yourself With PhotoScape or Photoshop.
  • Always Write in Friendly Mode and Break Your Article in little Paragraph for Easy Reading.
  • Include Some Links of your other Posts in your Article to reduce Bounce Rate.
  • Before Publishing Check Full Article for Spelling mistakes and Double Words.
  • After Checking Article Publish It and You are Done.

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