What is Google Hummingbird Update

Google is putting steps up day by day to increase Search Results Relevancy with Different Algorithms Like Panda , Penguin and Now Hummingbird. They just wanna get the best Results for Users, they don’t want any user going to any spam site. So, if you are one of those spam site holders, then, it’s time for you to start some other job because Google will not let you do what you doing for many years. Now, You wanna learn More about this Algorithm Update.  Let’s learn.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update?

The Google Hummingbird Update is a new Algorithm introduced to improve Search Results. The Name Hummingbird is Given Because it is Quick , Fast and Precise Algorithm which Focuses on Providing Visitors the Best Search Results According to their Question.
With Google Hummingbird Update the Value of Long Tail Words has Increased.

Suppose User Searched “How to play MP3 Songs”. Before Google Hummingbird Launched this Search Might have shown Results Including Keywords “MP3” and “Songs”. But With Google Hummingbird Update it Will Show Results according to full Question and Give A Perfect Answer.
In Other words, with Hummingbird Update Google Becomes almost Human as they will understand all  every Line as Humans Understand.

For Another Example, User Searched “Best Medical Colleges Near My Home” Before Hummingbird Update then Search Results Would Be Relevant to Word “Medical College” , “Best Medical Colleges” But it May Not show Colleges that are Near Users Home.But After Hummingbird Update It Will Show Best Medical Colleges Near User’s Home .So that’s How Perfect Google Search Results is Going to be with Hummingbird Algorithm as it will more focus on words like “what” , ” where” ,”why” ,”when”.

Did it have Any Penalty?

No , It is Actually a Reward Program as it will give Some importance to Conversational Searches but overall it will not have any bad effects of Websites apart from Little Lose of Traffic due to Change in Search Algorithm.

Role of SEO After Hummingbird Update?

SEO still has a Great Role to Play in Rankings but Definition of SEO is changed a Bit as now Creating Good Quality Content , Building High Quality Backlinks is Need of the Arc.

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Difference Between Hummingbird and Panda , Penguin

These, all three are Algorithms of Google, but there is a Major difference between these as Hummingbird is moreover Search Algorithm introduced to Make Search Results Conversational but Panda and Penguin are Introduced to Eliminate Black Hat SEO techniques and Spam from Search.

So, if you have fear that Hummingbird will hurt you, don’t worry it will not. It’s just a beauty of Algorithm Introduced by Google. It has many benefits for Loyal Writers. It will certainly place you higher in rankings if you are writing good content and targeting long tail keyword which are generally present in question type queries.

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If you have any questions regarding Google Hummingbird, then, feel free to ask via comments.

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