What is a blog : Basic Introduction

What is a blog

Hello Readers, Today I Selected a simple topic “What is a Blog” for this Article. Why? Because I get many messages from Non-blogging friends asking about blog or blogging.  So, that’s why I decided to write a post on this topic so I can explain everything to them. And also I wanna Help all those Peoples who just heard this word “Blog” . In this Post, I will also provide some of the common blogging tips to help you get started with your own blog. So, let’s begin the guide for all newbies.

What is a blog

What is a Blog : Definitions

Definition #1 :-  A blog  is a place to share your knowledge by writing Posts. In other words, it is frequently Updated Book where you can write your thoughts using text and multimedia.

Definition #2 :- A blog is an electronic guide for Readers where they can find a solution to any problem.

Definition #3 :- A blog is a type of website which contains many unique Articles written for the purpose of spreading knowledge or solving problems. Those Articles are written by Blogger and this all process is called blogging.

What is a Blog : Explanation

You must have a clear idea about this word “Blog” after reading above given definitions. But if still not, then let me explain it in simple words. Actually, you can take this “OnlyLoudest” Blog as an example, as I am sharing a lot of blogging tips here. So, An online place where you can share your thoughts or knowledge to help others is called as a Blog. You can pick any topic of your liking and Write Articles on the same. Now, I don’t think it needs any further explanation as you this is enough to explain”What is a Blog“. Now, I move on to the next part of this Article.

Why do People Blog or do Blogging?

You would be thinking it’s only a way to help others which it is, but it also has many benefits. You can earn Huge income via different methods. You just need to have a Popular Blog which drives a lot of traffic. And you can also choose Blogging as your career as it can easily bypass your common Job income. Actually, if you are really passionate about blogging, then, this Career option is one of the best for you.

 How People make money Blogging?

As I already explained, if you have a Popular blog, then, you can place Advertisements on it and get money for each impression or click. There are many Ad networks like Adsense, BuySellAds which provide you Advertisements for your blog.

This is not the only way to earn via a blog. You can also earn by Publishing sponsored posts, Selling products and getting commission, etc..

Now I think, you have a clear Idea about “What is a Blog” and Why people do blogging. Your mind must be thinking to create your own blog. To do so, read the below given post.

How to Make a Blog: 3 Best Free Ways

So, this ends our Post. I hope this Guide on “What is a Blog”  helped you. If you have any question regarding this topic,feel free to ask via comments.

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  2. Very Informative post. This will help to non-Bloggers who want to know about Blogging and its benefits.

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