How to Plan Before Building a Website or Blog

Building a Website is Best Business which can Earn you Money while Sleeping and While Playing with Family. It Gives Opportunity to Expose Your Skills to the Whole World and become Popular. Think about it , Lot of individuals remembering Your Name in Different Parts of Country. It Would be Dream Come True. But this Will not be Possible without Having a Perfect Plan Before Building a Website.

Way to Plan before building a Website

You Should have a well prepared plan to execute your Skills for building a High Quality SEO Optimized Website or a Blog. But Majority of beginners Fail to make an Efficient Plan so we will help all those New Comers by creating a List of Things that cover all aspects of Creating a Website.
So Let’s Start

#1 Choose Platform

This is the First Ever Step that can Make or Break any Webmaster if User Select Wrong Platform. Below is a List of Platforms According to their Features.

  • Blogger :- It (Blogspot) Provides Free Hosting With Premium features. User’s Don’t want to Pay For Hosting Plans can choose Blogger and then Setup their Custom Domain.
  • WordPress :- For Using WordPress Freeware Blogging Software you have to Purchase Hosting and Custom Domain which Will Cost not More than $100 per Year. Hosting Cost may differ According to Hosting Companies. Read this Full Article to Read About Best Hosting Plans.
  • Tumblr :- Provides Good Platform to Create Social type Blogs. You Only Need a Custom Domain to Setup Blog with Tumblr.
  • Drupal :- Also a Powerful Platform to Create Flexible Sites.
  • Read this Comparisons :- WordPress -vs- Blogger  , Tumblr -vs- Joomla -vs- Blogspot , WordPress -vs- Tumblr

#2 Hosting Plan (if WordPress)

If You Selected WordPress for Your Website then Hosting Plan is Needed to be Purchased. So For Hosting Plans You May Open Below Given Sites and Buy Any Plans According to Your Budget.

#3 Domain Name

A Domain is a Brand Name of a Website which enables visitors to remember that Site. So Select Your Domain name After Doing Some Keyword Research. You Must Contain a Main Keyword in your Domain Name and it Must not exceed three Words.
For Example:- If you want a blog on Blogging then “BloggingTipsTricks” or MyBloggingTips” Will be Perfect. There are Many Other Cool unique Brand Names can be Selected.
Another Thing is that Always choose .com Domain which Will Rank Higher in Search Engine. Read:- How to select an Awesome Domain Name
Below is a List of Cheapest Domain Selling Companies:-

#4 Prepare Content

Content is Everything for our websites. So Before Going Live with your Site Prepare Some Well Written Content Because if user Drives to Your Site With Only Few Posts then it Will not make Good Impressions. So Prepare Some Posts Before Publishing your Website on World Wide Web.

#5 Optimization Planning

After Going Live With Your Site, Getting Search Traffic is what Revolving in your Mind. To get Organic Traffic Website Must be Properly Optimized so Robots can Crawl Site Easily and Index its Content on Search Engine.

In the End Patience is Key

After Placing All Efforts Patience is what Give you Success. It’s ALL about Remaining Patience with Your Website. Success will Not Come Overnight. It Will Take Some time . If You producing Long Unique Articles then it Would Not Take Longer than 6 Months to Get Success Because Google New Rules are Benefited to those who Love to Create In-depth content.

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