WebAnswers – Earn Money Online Answering Questions

WebAnswers - Earn Money Online Answering Questions
Do you know you can Earn Money Online? I think yes, you will know, but do you know that you can do so by Answering Questions? No, the majority of you don’t know this method of earning. But it can earn you a decent income, especially if you like Answering questions. I think School and College Students will love this method because they deal with same condition many times as Questions, Answers are a big part of the education system. Not only students, but Elders can also do the same if they have good command over English language and some knowledge. Now, you will be thinking How You can Earn Money Online this way?
There is a Website called WebAnswers which provide you this opportunity. It is not just a simple website, it is much more. So, let’s discuss it briefly.

What is WebAnswers?

WebAnswers.com is a Website Which Provides Free Question Answers. In other words, you can ask your question (problem) on this site and the members of this website will Answers with the best solution. It is the best Place to Solve your Problems and also to earn Money online. Members of this site can earn via Adsense. Learn More about this in the next Paragraph.

How to Earn Money Online via WebAnswers?

This site is based on revenue sharing Program. You can display Adsense Ads on pages where you ask questions or give Answers. So, you will earn when someone clicks on your Ads. But as I said it is a revenue sharing site so you need to pay 40% of the money from each click to WebAnswers. In Simple Words, you will earn from clicks on Adverts placed near your Questions or Answers.

Now, you will be thinking, How much You can earn this way?

Generally speaking, it depends on you. If you are a spammer who just looking to make money from this site, then, it’s gonna be very difficult for you. But if you are real member who really wanna provide genuine, and quality Answers, then, this site is the best option for you to earn Part time Money Online.

If we talk about his in mathematical language, for an Average you will Earn $5 to $10 for an Average 15-20 Questions and 15-20 Answers per month. Remember Earning Earning will depend on your quality and frequency of posting. If you are a regular contributor at WebAnswers and posting very high quality Answers, then, you can earn a lot. I think that’s enough for you. Now, you have full idea how you can earn more on this site. I don’t think It needs explanation.

How to get started at WebAnswers?

It is totally Free-to-Sign up site where you just need to Enter your details and start posting questions, Answers. But to earn Money, you need an Adsense account. If you already have, then, you can connect it to WebAnswers and they will automatically start showing Ads where needed. If you don’t have Adsense account, then, you need to get it first. Get more More help related to Tips on Adsense Account.

Referral System at WebAnswers, Another way to Earn?

There is a Referral system available on this website which gives you another way to Earn Money Online. It works quite the similar way as the first method.

  • Earn from Referrals:- When someone Sign up for WebAnswers via your Referral Link within 30 days of clicking, then you can earn 10% extra impressions. In simple words, if you refer 3 users to this site and they get about 100 impressions daily, then you will get 30 impressions as a referral reward.

Payment System?

As I already explained they don’t pay you money on their own. You earn money from Adsense by showing Ads on this site. So, you will also receive payment from Adsense when your Amount reaches the minimum threshold which is $100.

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Final verdict

WebAnswers is a great way to Earn supplementary income, especially when you are free. It’s the simplest way I have ever seen on the internet as you just need to help others by answering questions. But remember not to provide any false knowledge for the sake of just making money. Your firs Aim should be to provide the best knowledge or solution to problems. So, what you waiting for, get started for WebAnswers.com and Earn Money.

If you have Any questions related to Make money Online, then ask via comments and don’t forget to share this on Social Networks.

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