29 Web design Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Web Design has Lot to Do in Attracting Visitors , Advertisers , and Mainly Search Engine. Websites having Proper Layout with Perfect Content scanning will rank Higher in search Engine. But Many Beginners Makes a lot of Mistakes will Selecting Design of their Sites or Writing Posts using HTML and CSS effects. Wrong Usage of Tags can Lead to Bad Use Experience. So Today I am Creating a List of Some Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided by Beginners.

29 common and uncommon Web Design Mistakes

#1 Easy Navigation design :- Website Must have Simple Design which Enables Users to Scan All Content Easily in Matter of Few Seconds. If Visitors Fail to get what Site is Offering in 1 or 2 Seconds then you will Need to Consider change in Design.

#2 Don’t Use Small Fonts :- Tiny Fonts might be Difficult to Read For Visitors So Avoid Using Small Fonts in Your Articles.

#3 Unreadable Fonts :- Use Some Simple Fonts in your Posts Avoiding extraordinary Ones Like Niagara Solid , Curlz MT , etc.

#4 Avoid Subscription or Registration :- All of Us Knows that Subscribers are Real Readers of Our Sites. Every one want to get High Number of Subscribers But not by irritation visitors. These Days I see to Many Registration or Subscription Forms on Websites which is not Good for Reputation Point of Views. If your Content has Some Quality then Only One Subscription Widget in Sidebar Would do to for you. But You can Place as Many Subscription Forms as you want if you content has Nothing Important for Visitor then he Will Never Subscribe to your Feed.

#5 To Much Flash Content :- Don’t Over Use Flash Content Like Images , Videos in Your Posts. It Will Not Only Increase Load Time of Web Page But Also Irritate Visitors. Only Use Flash When Needed. Read:- How site loading speed affect rankings.

#6 Don’t Open New Browser Window:- Never Open New Window in Browser without User Concern. It’s Said that Links to other Websites Must be Open in New Window But that’s Wrong Because if User Like your Site Content then he will Return after Seeing other website by pressing Back Button.

#7 Avoid Automatic Music:- If Your Site is About Music and Songs then let Use Decide when to Play them. Place a Play Button on web page to Allow User to Listen Songs or Not.

#8 Provide Proper Contact Information:- Contact Details is Must for a Professional Website. It Would Get Lot of Feedback from Customers.

#9 Avoid Text Blinking :- It Might Attract Visitors of 1995 But these Days it only Annoys Customers.

#10 Do not Use to Much Badges:- It Make Website Look Like Doggy Site with So Much of Self Promotion. So Only Place Few Badges Around your Time and Other Badges inside your About Us Page.

#11 Do Not Use HTML Tables Instead use CSS :- Cascading Style Sheets are Must Faster than Hyper Text Markup Language So Consider Using CSS in your Web Pages Instead of HTML Tables.

#12 Stay Away from Complex URL Structure :- a Simple Structure Will Make it easier for Users to Visit all Content and Also it Increase Search Engine Rankings.

#13 Don’t Use Drop Down Menu :- Your Site Must have Simple Menu with Shows All Content on First View. Drop Down Menus Can Hide Some Content from Visitors Eyes.

#14 Avoid Pop ups and Pop Under :- Subscription or Ad Pop ups Annoys Visitors. It Opens an unwanted Pages in Browser which Users Always Hate.

#15 Proper relevant Anchor Text for Links:- It is Very Common People Saying “Click here” or “Download Now” but this is Wrong Method. Correct way is using Relevant Keyword as Anchor Text.

#16 Provide Clear Location of Links:- Users must Able to See Location of that link in a Browser. Don’t Use Any Affiliate Network to Hide main Address of a Link.

#17 Colour Of Links:- Differentiate Colour of Links from Main text to let Users Know what is Click able Area and what is Not.

#18 Avoid GIF Animations :- It Takes Lot of Time to Load which Increases Site Loading Time that Affects Search Rankings. It Also Makes Website Look Doggy and Diverts visitors Attention from Content.

#19 Do Not Use Advertisements Between Content :- Ads Between Articles Look Nonprofessionals and it Annoys Visitors so Don’t do it to Often.

#20 Provide Text Posts as much as Possible :- Text Content was Always Favorable by Search Engines and Visitors of Site so Minimize Usage of Images in your Posts.

#21 Show PDF File Links Clearly :- I have Seen Many Blogs Providing Links with PDF Files Not Clearly Telling Users About that. When user click it , Browser got Hang for Few Seconds due to Adobe Acrobat. So Tell Visitors Clear-cut that Links Opens PDF File so they Can Handle However they want.

#22 Make Your Website Compatible With All Browsers:- Only Use Styles which are Compatible With All Browsers. Some times Webmasters use effects which are not compatible with Old Browsers. That Looks Very Unprofessional.

#23 Mobile Optimized Site:- Your Website Must be Optimized for Mobile Devices due to Tremendous Increase of Mobile Surfers on Internet.

#24 Avoid Irritating Colors :- Some Colors Can Cause Irritation to Visitors So Do not use those in your Website Specially in Background.

#25 Say No to CAPTCHA Filtering :- Captcha Always Creates Problems for Visitors So Avoid as Much as you can. In Case its Compulsory to Use Captcha Specially Stopping Spam Comments or Email Subscriptions then Make Sure Words and Numbers are Readable.

#26 Proofread Articles :- Lot of New Comers Make a lot of Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in their Articles So Use Proofreading Skills.

#27 Do not Write Long :- Lengthy Posts considered Good for Search Engine But it might be Other Way Around Because Lengthy Content Make Visitors Skip something by Scrolling Down.

#28 Don’t Keep Footer Section Empty :- Footer Area of Website Must Contain Some Vital Information which Make Users to Read it. You Can Use About Us Page Link , Success Story , etc.

#29 Reduce JavaScript Usage :- Websites Built with HTML and CSS are more Search Engine Friendly But you can use JavaScript only to some extent until it Makes your Site More Attractive and Dynamic. Do Not Use this Language in Links.

So, that’s it with the Web design mistakes. Now, learn and correct your it on your website or blog. Happy online journey.

  1. I am searching on-line in excess of a couple of time lately, still I never found out almost any appealing write-up like your own house. It truly is very value sufficient personally. Many people feel, in the event that many webmasters and also blog writers manufactured exceptional articles because you have, the net will likely be far more handy than before.

  2. Automatic music on a site is definitely a pet peeve of mine when it comes to sites. It’s obnoxious and it reminds me of how bad myspace used to be. Thanks for sharing these tips, I think sometimes we forget to keep things simple and professional.

    1. Exactly Catherine, Thanks for stopping, giving your valuable feedback, Keep Reading.

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