Hey Friends, Today I was watching the highlights of IPL, and while watching, This topic stuck in my mind. IPL is a tournament loved by almost every single Indian, specially the kids, but the problem is that, they can’t watch it freely, because the timings of IPL and Exams are almost the same.

Watch IPL In Exams
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So, What they can do?

Well, What if I say, You can Watch IPL Freely and still Top the Exams?

Yeah! You heard it right! Go through this article to know more about this.

Lets Start,

1. Study Hard :-

I have seen many wasting their Day Time, thinking about matches which are going to be played on that particular day. Instead of thinking, Yo should utilize full day to study Hard and then you can freely watch IPL in Night. You can enjoy Cricket in Night, if you study Hard for about 4-6 Hours daily in day time.

Keep Calm and Study hard
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2 . Fake Study:-

I think Students who don’t want to study, already know the meaning of these two words “Fake Study”. They keep books open all day along, but actually, they don’t even a single word, that is called Fake Study, which is very common.

So, you can use, this Trick to Watch IPL , as you can take your book and site in-front of Television, in most cases, you parents will give you permission to watch TV, because they think you are studied all day along.

Fake Study - Watch IPL IN Exams
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But after watching Match, make sure, you complete your chapters, otherwise you dream to get good marks will always remain a Dream.

3. Showing Tiredness:-

It’s very easy to show, that you are tired and get permission to watch Cricket, but instead you should work hard before match, study hard and show the real tiredness to your parents, this way, you will be able to watch IPL as well as get good marks in your final Exams.

You can Show Fake Tiredness, but it will bring your downfall in your career as study is important.

Show Tiredness and watch IPL
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4. Depression

A lot of students really face this problem in Exams, but there are few who doesn’t, but they still do acting of depression to watch TV, which they doesn’t do, Although it can help you watch IPL, but will not get your good grades in Exams.

So, Study Well, you can complete your Chapters in Small Patches and then can Watch Cricket without any problem.

depressed students watch IPL
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5. To Freshen Up:-

I recommend this method to every student, who studies keeping everything besides. he/She can watch IPL to freshen-up and in most cases, their parents will easily give permission.

watch IPL Cricket to freshen Up your Mind
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So these are my Points on How to Watch Indian Premier League in Exams and still get good marks.But in the end, it depends on you, whether you want to get good grades or you just watch to watch cricket, these methods will help you in both cases.

I hope you Liked it. Now, in the end, don’t forget to Give your Views in comments.

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