Apps to find the Best Wallpapers for Android




Android has always been the top contenders when it comes to degree of personalization. Changing wallpapers is one of the most requested factor when is come to personalization. Well there are many ways to find wallpapers for Android. For example you can visit individual directories, download apps that specialize in personalization or wallpapers only.

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Apps to Find the Best Wallpapers for Android

I am listing down a few good android wallpaper apps that I have checked personally.

1. 500 Firepaper:

500 Firepaper - app to find best android wallpapers

The specialty of this app is that all wallpapers are in 500px resolution. It also helps in cycling wallpapers at a pre-set time interval. This app also helps to select photos for the phone gallery / album to be in the wall paper cycle list.

It has a wide range of wallpapers divided in categories. No need of downloading images to your phone to keep them as your wallpaper, but you can also select the category of your interest and the app will do the remaining part.

2. Cool wallpapers HD: –

Cool wallpapers HD

This app is second in my list. I loved the trendy and interactive user interface of this app. This is in my top list because of the widest collection of high resolution images. The navigation part of the application is just so easy even it can it be handled by a kid of a tender age.

As per figures this app presently holds about ten million great images under its belt. Everyday new wallpapers are update. it makes my life easy as I use it on my tablet every time I turn it on, it lights up with a new wallpaper.

3. Muzei Live Wallpaper: –

Muzei Live Wallpaper

This is one of its kind application for personalization. I never used live wallpaper before I came across this app, as we all know that live wallpapers consume a good amount of power. This app has the best and most sturdy collection of live wallpapers. As the name suggest it’s a museum of good live wallpapers.

These app developers have collected some of the finest piece of art work. By default it is set to rotate the wallpapers every day, but it can be changed as per personal requirement.

Images from personal library can also be added to this app’s collection to get them into the wallpaper cycle. I liked the blur feature of this app which blurs the background image to some extent and allows the user to view on screen options and widgets. If someone wants to view the wallpaper un-blurred, all you need to do it double tap on the lured area. It also supports major and roid widget extensions like Dash Clock.

4. Background HD:-

Background HD - wallpapers for android

This is the app that came under the most recommended section. This is basically a wallpaper creator than a downloader. The layout of wallpaper collection in the app is fabulous. As per the last figures, I saw about one million image count in it. The app developers have confirmed that they are going to update the app on a regular basis.

These Apps will help you find the Best Wallpapers for Android. If you still have any confusion, feel free to express via comments.


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