Using a VPN service has lots of benefits for internet users. First, you are sure that you have the best internet security as you carry out your activities on the internet. With a VPN, you know that it would be difficult for your personal information to be stolen.

Also, with a VPN, you can easily access streaming content from other regions.

However, VPN presents a unique challenge to internet users. Slow internet speeds. 

This is because the VPN service introduces other elements such as encryption and distant servers to the internet experience. This lowers the internet speeds significantly and hampers a good user experience when browsing on the internet.

In this article, we are going to look at five methods you can use to increase internet speed when using a VPN connection.

Check your internet speed

[5 Simple Methods] How to Increase VPN Connection Speed

Before you start blaming the VPN for slowing down your internet speed, it is important that you confirm how fast your internet is.

You could have a perfectly functioning internet service one minute and low speed the next. There are many other factors that affect internet speed. It is, therefore, prudent to confirm that the slow speeds are not caused by your VPN buy by your internet service provider.

You can easily check your internet speed on your computer. On your browser, select your preferred internet speed test service and in about five seconds, you have your results. Do this with your VPN connected to find out if your VPN is the cause of your slow internet speed.

You can change your internet service provider or wait for the speed challenges to subside.

Change your VPN server location

[5 Simple Methods] How to Increase VPN Connection Speed

When using a VPN service, you select a server in a location that you want your IP address to originate from. Say for example, you want to watch Netflix in the UK while you are in the US, you will select a UK server on your VPN service.

If the location of the server you select is far from your current location, you are likely to suffer depressed internet speeds. 

If your internet activity is not location dependent, you can opt to change the server location to one that is closer to your current location. This will help improve your internet speed.

Shut down the apps you are not using

Depending on the device that you are using, opening to many apps on the device may affect its performance. This occurs even on a normal basis where you are not logged on to the internet. Many internet users find it convenient to shut down other apps that are not currently in use.

Due to the additional components that a VPN service brings, shutting down unused apps is advised. This provides your device with the capacity and resources to handle a VPN without any deviation in functionality. This will ensure that your devices functions smoothly and that internet activity and speed will not be affected.

Change your VPN service provider

When your VPN causes you to suffer low internet speeds, you could always switch to one that is faster.

There are different VPN service providers for different devices. You could find that you are using a VPN that is not suitable for your device. For example, you can find the best android VPN from reddit reviews if you are using an android device.

Shop around for a VPN service provider that meets the speed requirements that you are looking for. With many VPN service providers, you will definitely find one that is within your budget and within your required internet speed.

Use a wired internet connection

[5 Simple Methods] How to Increase VPN Connection Speed

There are not very many people who still use a wired internet connection. Wi-Fi is widely used by many people for their internet needs. However, Wi-Fi, is not as stable as a wired internet connection. There are many interruptions in Wi-Fi unlike in a wired connection which gets the internet connection directly to the device.

Without these interruptions, it is likely that you will see an improvement in your internet speed as you continue using your VPN service. 

Many modern laptops do not come with an Ethernet port. You can use unreliable Wi-Fi or find an adapter that can allow you to use an Ethernet internet connection. 


Internet speed is an important aspect of browsing sessions. Therefore, when selecting a VPN service for your devices, use one that matches the internet speed that you require. Also, ensure that the VPN service provider you select is affordable and within your VPN expense budget.

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