While finding Top Adsense Alternatives, I have found a decent Affiliate Company who can help you monetize your blog in an effective way. But I was not sure, So I researched a little,then used it for a short period of time and then decided to write a review. That company is VigLink, You must have heard this name, because this network gives a strong competition to SkimLinks who is leading Affiliate ad network. So, let’s start the review to know all the positive and negative points of this company.

As I said, it is an Affiliate Network founded in 2009. It is a USA Based Company that allows normal Links to become affiliate links on your sites with insertion of simple code on your website. Links Converted By VigLink will not look like affiliate links.Your visitors just see those links like normal ones. So, those people who don’t want to click on affiliate URL, will surely click on your Links.

How it Works?

VigLink creates a connection between 30,000 merchants and you.They allow normal outgoing links to become affiliate links to let you earn commission. This way, you can earn a good amount without doing anything extra. It will not require you to edit each post or add codes in each post, etc., just a single code adding in your website will do it.

They Provides 3 Different Ways to Earn Money:-

It is a latest Technology that converts your website words to relevant affiliate links.These words are Randomly chosen from your website content that best fit to produce affiliate link. It will be a totally automatic system, they can take care of this thing once you successfully embedded code on your site.

With this second way, you can earn from social networking sites, websites, email campaigns as it is something similar to URL Shortening service. It Shortens the URL of Product but includes your unique identification code so your commission can be tracked.

Well, It is a technology that converts normal links into affiliate links.Those links will never look like Referral links. So, your earnings will take a long jump with this method.


  1. No Minimum Traffic Requirements for Account Approval.
  2. Advance Technology makes it easy to convert product links into Referral links.
  3. The code installation is easy with full instructions.
  4. VigLink have 30 thousand merchants with a wide range of products for publishers to affiliate with.


  1. They take 25% of the publishers affiliate commission.
  2. This network does not work on the browsers with JavaScript disabled.
  3. Tax information submission section may be little confusing for new users.

There is no Minimum Payment amount set by VigLink but if publisher make some money, then have to wait for 60 days for payout. Suppose publisher make $50 in December then he will not receive any payment until the end of February., which is a very long period of time. But I can understand, a hard look on every publishers earning will take some time.

How to Sign Up?

This is easiest process I have ever seen as there is no approval process.You just have to enter your email address, then they send activation mail in your inbox. Once you have activated your email, then you just need to fill a short form with the correct details and then have to add the code given by VigLink into your website.There will be only one code for every website. So, every site you own will have different unique codes.

There is nothing to compare between these two because both are very different ad networks from each other. But if both are used together can increase the earnings. So, if you are one of those who love to have two different income sources from a single site, then I will strictly ask you to use this combination.

These both affiliate networks are similar and have similar merchants, but there are Two things which make them a little different. You should choose anyone of them, after reading these two points.

  • The User should prefer VigLink if they want an approval process easier.
  • If users are from outside of US then they might choose Skimlinks as they don’t need any tax information.

So, this concludes the review. Remember Things work for one site may not work for another. So, you should try VigLink to find out whether it works or not and don’t forget to share your views via comments.

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  1. Very nice information Atinder. Actually my blog has been disapproved by adsense so I think this could be the best alternative for me. Thanks for sharing mate.

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