Making Video Content Is Actually Much Cheaper Than You Would’ve Imagined


The modern world, or Generation-Z, is starkly different from the previous one. We want everything fast. Be it business or lifestyle; everything is trying to keep pace with the fast-moving world.

Present-day businesses value speed more than anything else. This is the reason why you don’t have to visit a bank anymore. An app takes care of your needs within minutes, and you save 95% of your time. 

As businesses change, so does advertising. Earlier, most business brands kept a major chunk of their revenues for advertising or brand promotion. Now, they spend less than half of that budget and get more customers.

All of these have been possible because of social media websites. Advertising on social networking websites is easy, reliable, cost-effective, targeted, attractive, and dynamic. The best way you can use a social networking website to promote your business is by creating a video advertisement.

However, look around the web, and you wouldn’t find too many businesses having the courage to take their advertising online. The reason is the cost. 

The majority of businesses that are not yet online think that making video content is a costly affair; you need a professional model, an ultra-modern digital camera, professional knowledge about video editing, and whatnot. The truth is – nothing can be further from the truth. 

This article takes you through the most fascinating aspects of video content and how you can use a free video creator to create the best video that can take your business to a global audience.

3 Reasons Why Video Content is Catching More Eyes Than Ever Before

As video advertisements become more creative, they are generating more clicks and increased conversion rates. The other reasons that make video content one of the most popular mediums of advertising are as follows:

1. Video Content Makes The World Your Playground

There are 2.50 billion monthly active users and 1.66 billion daily active users on Facebook. 

The photo and video sharing network Instagram enjoys the patronage of 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. 

Out of 675 million monthly active users on LinkedIn, 40% use the network daily. 

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing networks around the world, where every minute, 500 hours of video is uploaded. 

With such impressive statistics, it is a no-brainer that a business with attractive video advertisements is sure to rule the networks and draw a huge number of clicks. 

2. Video Content is Dynamic

Imagine putting up an advertisement on print media or television. Most likely, you will have to spend a fortune to take that to the readers or the audience. Now, what if, the ad fails to generate audience attention, due to hundreds of similar such ads.

Such situations arise quite commonly with advertisers who rely more on traditional media. 

Making Video Content Is Actually Much Cheaper Than You Would've Imagined

A video advertisement on a social network is dynamic. You can create as many videos as you like, check whether the videos are creating the desired impact, and change or modify it whenever you wish to. 

The dynamic nature of online video advertisements makes it the most popular medium of advertising.

3. Video Content Improves Conversion Rates

When you publish an ad in a newspaper, chances are a majority of readers would simply flip through the page without paying much attention. This is because almost all ads are the same.

As you are free to design your video content in whichever way you want, users on social media will watch your video if they find it relevant and attractive. 72% of businesses using video advertisements believe that a video ad has boosted their conversion rate. Studies also found that 74% of viewers bought a product after watching an explainer video. 

With such impressive statistics to support the utility of video marketing, it is high time that you create your first video or improve an existing video to take advantage of the wave of digital advertising. 

Now that you are familiar with the benefits that video content can offer to your business, you need to understand the things that will help you to create a marketable video.

6 Steps to Create a Marketable Video Content Without a Watermark

A video with no watermark increases your brand identity. You can do so by using a no watermark free video editor. Follow the steps below to create a no watermark shareable video in five minutes.

1. Visit InVideo

2. Create your free account by entering a few basic details like name and email id.

3. Browse hundreds of attractive videos to create your first template. You may also upload your video and create a template from scratch.

4. Upload as many videos, photos, and sounds as you like. The InVideo library has in store thousands of images, sounds, and videos, which you can freely make use of to create your video content.

5.  Use the editor to add transitions, colors, and text to suit your theme and style.

6. Once you are through with the editing, download the video, and share it on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and wherever you wish to.

3 Things to Keep in Mind For Creating a Perfect Video

Creating a video advertisement is an art. By taking care of the technical aspects, InVideo makes the process of video content creation easier for you. But, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to make your videos flawless.

1. Your Videos Should Reflect Your Brand Identity

Every brand is different. Every brand tells a story. Every brand communicates to the audience in its characteristic style.

Identify your brand’s USP and let that USP be evident in all your video advertisements. Whichever topic you deal with must give your audience some information about your brand’s style.

2. Target the Right Audience

Traditional marketing depends more on the ad than its audience. An online ad is different in that you can target your products as per the age group of the audience. Use analytics to find out the needs of your audience and design the video content accordingly. 

Remember, more than what you think is appropriate is what the audience knows as appropriate. Give them what they want, and your business gets stardom for free. 

3. Hook Them To a Story

This is the one thing that all popular video creators do – make your advertisements look like a story.

The audience loves stories more than anything else. Give them what they need, and they will keep coming back to your page.


Gone are the days when creating a video was a day or month-long affair. InVideo makes it easy to take your business to the world within 5 minutes. As speed is the new normal, a free and fast video editor like InVideo is all you need to take the next big leap forward. 

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