People these days are finding it very hard to get an Adsense account. So, they go on to find their alternative, which is not an easy job, because there are many networks, who believe, they can help publishers earn a lot of money. But in reality only a few can do. So, from the last few weeks, I have been reviewing many networks who can competition to Adsense. And by continuing the process, I will share Vibrant Media Review which is another company providing publishers and advertisers  quality services. Want to know more about this company? Then, read the below given paragraph.

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What is Vibrant Media?

It is a CPC Ad network, which has premium brand advertisers. So, they have Highest CPC Rates when compared to other advertising networks.  And also, the trust they have among their users is quite a lot.

How Vibrant Media Works?

Vibrant Media developed a Technology called “IntelliTXT” which is used to search Relevant keywords and phrases to show advertisements.These keywords and phrases are underlined and when the user takes Mouse Hover over it, Advertisement associated with the keyword Pop-up.

Variety Of Ads:-

They have a Wide range of advertisements Like In-Text Ads, Display Ads, Light box, Image, Dynamic Adhesion, Mosaic ,etc. Some of the Popular ad types used by Publishers are.

1. Vibrant Display

Vibrant Display ads are shown when a user take mouse hover over the underlined link.The display advertisements are Relevant to specific keyword chosen from your webpage.

2. Vibrant In-Text Ads

These are ToolTip ads will appear when user take mouse over the highlighted green keywords or phrases.These adverts can be image ads.

3.Vibrant Related Ads

This type of advertisements shown, when the user takes the mouse hover over the keyword market with Magnified Glass then a search box will Pop-up and will show related articles or videos. This increases the page impressions and user time spend on the website.

4. Vibrant Light Box

These adverts are activated by users when they hover on an image or text-link. Then there is a 3-4 second countdown followed by video or Image advertisement which overlays the page.

Minimum Requirements to Sign Up:-

  1. Minimum 500,000 Page Impressions per month.
  2. No-Illegal or Adult Content.

So, as I said before, It is premium network, which will require a huge traffic for approval.

How to Sign Up ?

Both Publishers and Advertisers can sign up by filling a simple form with the correct details about themselves and their websites.After submitting application for reviewing, vibrant media will review your website within few business days. Remember this company is very selective in approving websites, so your website must need to have over 500,000 page impressions per month.

Vibrant Media Payment?

They Pays on the basis of NET45 method and Pay via following carriers:-

  1. Cheque
  2. Wire Transfer
So, this concludes Vibrant Media Review. I hope you got a clear about this Ad network. Now, Don’t forget to give your views. Can it  be considered as one of the best Adsense Alternatives only for big sites?