Using Android Device Manager

Android device manager is an android tool that helps in tracking of device location through a web portal. You can use it to erase lost phone data, ring phone in case a phone is misplaced and also lock the phone remotely with a new password. With the new lollipop update on Google nexus devices, this feature comes baked in to the operating system, for older version the app is available in android market. To use the app you need to download it and register it with your Google credentials. Once your device is registered, you can log on to android manger from any web browser to locate your phone online. The location service should be on in order to track the phone location online. The ring and erase feature work till the phone is connect to a network and is associated with the same Google account.You may also like:-

Using Android Device Manager

For devices that come baked with the application, the task becomes really simple and the productivity of the application is way too good. Go to setting menu in your phone, select security settings options. From the security menu, select device administrator settings, this menu give you option of all application that request for admin access, you need to turn on “Android device manager from this option to get this app into action. Once you provide the admin access to the app after a few minutes you can log on to the web portal of android device manager, you will have to sign In with your Google credential that is configured on the phone. As described earlier you basically get 3 options locate the device on Google maps, ring the device in full volume and to lock and wipe out data completely.

Being a Google application it can be trusted on security. The location trace is usually within 500 meters. Ring request sent works within a few seconds and the lock feature locks the phone with another level of security over and above the lock screen. In other words , the phone will not be usable unless the requested password is entered on it no matter what ever you have tried to do with the phone .This featured is one of my personal favorites. You need to select the “Lock” option from the web portal, it prompts for a password that you can enter to lock the device;once the device is locked the same password needs to be entered to unlock it. “Erase” features also unique, it helps to understand if he device is lost and cannot be traced, you can use this feature to wipe out all data on your phone and can also lock it to restrict further access.

This is one of the Google recommended app for all android smartphones and is very helpful. As the featured is scorched in most of the new and updated smartphones it does not consume much memory as well. This application is also in the “Editor’s Choice” section of Google app store.

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