User’s Behavior Affects Email Security

User's Behavior Affects Email Security

In spite of the best efforts of Network security administrator, computer security also depends on individual’s security behavior. Consider, If an User  have given a choice between security and convenience, obviously convenience will always win.


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Email spam is one of the great source of  security threat.  Spam messages contain links that when clicked, go to a website that installs malicious software or pass virus to your computer. Common Spans  are related to :

  1. Animated Porn
  2. Sexual life enhancement
  3. Cheap luxury goods
  4. Attractive headlines
  5. Opportunities of Employment with good packages

Putting constraint to bad end user security-related behaviors is one of the best way to promote user friendly interaction to web. For that, you have to give time to actually look at the headers that clog your inbox.

What a common user can do to prevent from security threats :

  1. Before reading an email, check if the subject and the sender make sense.
  2. Before opening an email attachment, check if the file name of the attachment makes sense.
  3. Check caution when receive an email attachment as it may contain a virus.
  4. Do not open email attachments if the content of the email looks suspicious.


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