How to Use Social Media for Marketing with Powerful Call-To-Action Plan

How to Use Social Media for Marketing with Powerful Call-To-Action Plan

Are you a marketer?

Do you Use Social Media for Marketing?

I know, the Answer will be Yes. With Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ getting powerful day by day, its become compulsory to use Social Media  for Marketing Plan.  There are many companies getting success using this technique.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing

Actually, There are tons of internet users who making their way to Social media when they want to buy something. They have a lot of trust on reviews published about various products on Social Networking sites. That’s why companies using this strategy to get lots of attention of those users.  And if you are a Blogger, then, you can build so much of trust by giving correct, up to date information about different products customers looking to buy. This way you can also Earn money by sponsoring products on your blogs as many already doing the same.

Quickly coming back to the point, There are many types of marketers like some will like you to Download Application, Like Facebook Page, Follow Google+, Subscribe to a newsletter, etc.. Actually Social media strategy is a way to get more attention of users. So, either you are a Big Company or a blogger, you are following some strategies to get more Social presence. You may also used many techniques and many of them worked also. But did you know you can even make it larger with Call-to-Action.  You may have used Call-to-Action in your past. But those who don’t know, here is a guide how you can Use Social Media for Marketing with Powerful Call-To-Action Plan.

#1 Giveaway Contests

The giveaway contests are a major part of Call-to Action plan. Recently many website owners and Business companies combined to hold different giveaways contents for different targeted audience. So, if you are running a company, then you can hold a contest and giveaway your product free. It will encourage others users to buy. If you are a blogger, then,you can hold contest related to your targeted audience and giveaway price to the best player in the contest.

Now, Which things to care about while holding giveaway contest?

Remember not to provide any unrelated product to your audience.  Cash or gift coupons are very commonly used because they cover a large base of audience. So, it will be a good idea for you to follow this trend because there are no one who don’t like cash. So, wider audience will be attracted. Now, the question is what you will get while offering the giveaway.

That’s the strategy you need to make. You can make Social sharing, blog commenting compulsory for an entry in your contest.  It will earn you more exposure because many Users will share your content so website who holding giveaway can get a more social buzz and company who sponsoring that giveaway get more buyers.

#2 Turn Social Sharers into Marketers

There are many Individuals who will buy your product or share your product to win contest. Now, you need to make them your permanent marketers. To do so, you need to provide quality content and you can also ask to share your content.

#3 Use Attractive Content

Attractive Text, images, Videos can get a lot of exposure for your brand because it can easily go viral on Social Media. So, always use them to promote your product, post, App on any Social Site.

#4 Make Use of Social Media management tools

Actually yes! Some sites are getting good result after creating attractive content they must need to make use of social media management tools like BuzzBundle or Hootsuite basically i will suggest you to give a try for Buzzbundle because that is KING of Social media and also we are giving $200 off with using our Buzzbundle Coupon and you will easily get this discount.

Final Verdict

This is our Call-to-Action Plan, which will help you use Social Media for Marketing. While using these tips, never forget to take care about your reader or customers comfort zone. Never ever ask for any personal information and also don’t use any login system for your contests. This will make users feel insecure. And also a constant conversation will help you build better relationships with your audience.

Don’t forget to share this strategy on Social Networks.

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  3. Nice article,yes now a days social network helps every startup.We may acquires more shares from this.Thanks

  4. Hey Atinder,

    Social media is one of the strongest platforms to use. There are many social networking websites. But are you using them effectively? You should try to build you reputation by providing the quality content.

    Turning your followers into your customers using the social media is quite a hard job. You have to work so hard to get this.
    Great post indeed.
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    I guess giveaways are really wonderful to adding call to action of social media and we can expect lot of social shares from it.


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    Thanks for your helpful direction to effective social media marketing. Your article consists very useful content on the topic. In my point of view arranging contest is more effective then anyone else. It’s a good technique to engage with the audience.

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