Guest Posting  always is a better way to showcase your talent as a writer and get some links back to your blog. But in Recent years Many spammers tried this method to manipulate search Rankings by just submitting low quality guest posts with some backlinks in it and they succeeded too. This is the worst thing happen for original good writers because they know Sooner or later Google will take action on this. They will not let Spammer top the Rankings.

And Google did the same thing few months Ago as expected, their new update hits many guest post accepting sites for having low quality content or Rich anchor text. Although it’s not affected that much search queries, but certainly affected large scale guest poster, also guest post accepting sites


After this update, many good writers also left guest blogging due to Matt Cutts words, saying “It is Dead for SEO“. Even I was in a bit of confusion. But, I consulted with Many SEO experts and got quite similar Answers from Everyone.

All of them said, Guest Posting is not Dead and never gonna be Dead for Quality Writers. Google only wants to Remove Spammers. It will not affect all those quality websites who accepting only quality posts with In-depth Knowledge. Everyone can still Use Guest Posting, but their main Aim should be to build Reputation and generate traffic. Link Building should not be your fist Aim, if it is, then , you are one of those Spammers who want to manipulate Search Rankings.

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Now, Question Arrives which Rules and regulations you should follow to use Guest Posting effectively. Below are all those rules mentioned one by one which are compulsory to avoid any penalty from Google for Guest posting.

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#1 Write In-Depth Articles

As you know “Content is King”. If you are writing quality articles for your blog, then, you also need to write quality guest posts to avoid spam filter of Google. They will never ever penalize In-depth content which provides deep knowledge to Users. Google wants to improve user experience by providing best possible search Results. To try to write Best Articles while Guest blogging.

#2 Search for Authority Blogs

This is compulsory for everyone who looking to guest post. They must search only Authority blogs to build Reputation and drive some traffic. You can also build links from Authority blogs if they allow. That link will not harm you because those websites are very reputable in the eyes of Google. or You can also judge for authority from check site’s DA & PA and blog post frequency . sometime you can be manipulate by just checking DA of site but it might be that blog is running on Expire domain so you should need to judge from your self by checking blog post frequency and quality (because content might be copied too).

#3 Only Include Quality Links and also don’t forget to use Internal Linking

As you know, links play a very vital Role in explaining something . So, you can use that for your benefit. If you have written a guest post with In-depth content, then, don’t forget to include related links from that particular blog where you are publishing that Post and include a link of your blog Article where it is needed. It will also make Author happy and you will get a quality backlink. But remember to only include related links.

So, these are some Rules you need to follow of effective Guest Blogging. If you have any questions regarding this Topic, then you can ask via comments or contact me.
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  1. Great Information.
    Guest Blogging is surely great for SEO purposes but finding a good oportunity for Guest Post especially for Newbie Bloggers are quite tough.

  2. Great Information.
    Guest Blogging is surely great for SEO purposes but finding a good oportunity for Guest Post especially for Newbie Bloggers are quite tough.
    And if that person is doing the Guest Post Solely for Backlinks then the difficulty becomes double.

    The Points mention above are some of the things that every Blogger who wants to guest post should consider before going for it.

    Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Atinder,

    Thanks for the comprehensive take on Guest posting and effective linking. It was refreshing to see some of the things that I am planning to do are the way to move forward. Thanks once again!

  4. Great Article, Matt Cutts says so because, Nowadays people do Guest Blogging just for Backlinks. But still there are hundreds of Blogger who really want to write article as a guest without targetting Backlinks.

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