Unique ways to make money online

Making money online is not a shocker any more. People are making massive money online. Some are just making money on auto pilot, while they are on holidays they are getting money in their bank. So making money online has become a new trend and many people are moving to internet these days. Students drop out of their studies to make money online. So in this post I will be sharing some quirkiest ways to make money online.


Blogging has been the mainstream to earn money online. The number of people who have taken blogging as their passion has increased tremendously. You can check a complete guide on how to make money online from blogging. The guide covers all the aspects and ways to earn money from a blog.


If you are skilled in any profession, then you can do freelancing online for clients abroad. Basically you can use freelancing sites like odesk.com, elance.com and others to sell your skill to people who need it. The problem with freelancing is that you constantly need to search for new projects. Freelancing websites connects you with potential clients online.Also Read: How to make money online without investment for students

You can also Become a Freelancer by Joining – Truelancer.com a New and Awesome Platform for Freelancers .

Becoming a seller Online

If your parents own a offline business then you can take it online as well. You can setup your e-commerce(online shop) store to sell your products online or you can use already established ecommerce platforms like ebay and amazon to sell your products. Selling on other platforms reduces your marketing effort.

Create and Sell websites

If you think you cannot create a blog, then get a developer to create a website for you. Create a business model and get traffic to your website. Then you can sell your website on flippa.com for a good amount.

Flip Domains

You can also buy and sell domains from Godaddy and other auction websites. You can buy good short domains or domains with high page rank which are beneficial for SEO purposes. You can then sell these domains at a higher price. You could sell them upto $2000-2500.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best ways to make passive money online. In affiliate marketing you just need to find a good niche and a product in that niche to promote. Then you can just promote that product with your affiliate link. Some ways to promote your product could be by creating a website for that product and generating traffic on the website.  Other smart way would be to directly promote your link in ads in various ad networks.

Referring your friend a job

myrefer_screenshotThis is the most unique way I have discovered till now to earn money online by building your own reputation also. There are job referral platforms which give you money to refer your friend for a job. This way your friend will also appreciate you.
myrefers.com is one of such job referral platform

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  1. Nice list! As of right now Iam focussing on affiliate marketing. I am allready prety succesfull in it:D Also made my first ebook last week. Internet Marketing is all about taking massive action! Succes is not being buld in one day:)

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