Twitter vs Facebook : Which is More Effective ? #Infographic

Twitter vs Facebook : Which is More Effective ? #Infographic

Now a Day in our country mostly 80-90% Smartphone user using Social media websites , so as we know In social media websites Twitter and Facebook both are very popular in Teens and Public . They almost their half days stay be active on Facebook and Twitter. SO, not as we are daily watching on Internet lot of E-marketing and internet online companies are doing startup so, for regarding the advertisement and Marketing Social media marketing is best always because of their popularity and activity of Public . So, here our next question is where I need to invest money? For purpose of Marketing and advertising?

Finally Here I am going to share a Infographic Knowledge and complete guidance where you need to invest your money? Which platform is best for marketing? Where I will found targeted Audience? So, your all Question’s answer are here in below given Infographic –


Twitter VS Facebook



Infographic Source : BuySellAds

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  1. I think this is one of the most vital information for me.
    this is best article i ever read. but there is bit confusion i had. thank you again.

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