Twitter co-founder Biz Stone invests in Deepak Ravindran’s start-up Lookup

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone invests in Deepak Ravindran's start-up Lookup

Issac stone is popularly known as name Biz Stone he is co-founder of the famous social network and micro blogging site Twitter.  Two weeks ago Founder of twitter and Founder of Lookup Application Mr Deepak Ravindran for coffee in San Francisco . Ravindran’s Old startup Innoz is also in partnership with twitter.

twitter with lookup

Deepak launched an App Lookup to connect for shoppers and local business online through this amazing app last 7 month ago. Now this app growing day by day, reaching for the heights of sky. Currently his App has more than 2,000,000 downloads globally. So after seeing this result and hard work of Deepak Ravindran’s Biz stone thinks to do invest in this startup.

Highlights include:

  • Listed as an Essential App list in Google Play.
  • Listed as a Top free app in the communication category on Google Play.
  • Onboarding of over 10,000 verified merchants
  • Over 3 million messages exchanged per month
  • Over 100,000 leads generated to local businesses
  • Expanding into other networks including SMS and WhatsApp

“I’m honored to be a part of Deepak’s next big project and I am truly impressed by what he has already accomplished in his life. I’m very excited about working with such an inspiring entrepreneur, whom I share common ideologies with,” said Twitter’s Biz Stone

Deepak Ravindran’s said “Receiving this funding is like getting another opportunity to blazon the world with innovation; to fill more e-pages in the world of businesses and startups. It is a fuel and not the end result. We plan to integrate all the offline businesses into the online world and connect them to their customers. We aim to be the one stop app that satiates all the needs of our customers.”

Lookup is going to expand their Features also with SMS and WhatsApp and now as per their promises they are also going to provide payment and more option their App. And this another opportunity which he received in innovation work.

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    Deepak is a one of the great enterpreneur under-35 and he is genios guy on one level so thanks sanu great Post.



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