Tumblr -vs- Blogger -vs- Joomla : Which one to Choose for Blogging

In the Last Few Years Blogosphere has Grown very Rapidly as Million’s of New Public Blogs are Created. Blogging is the Best way to Engage with Readers and Provide them Knowledge that You have.
With Blogosphere Craze Increasing one Problem is also Increasing as Selecting a best Platform to Create Blogs is Very Difficult Because there are Many Platforms Available with different Features so it Becomes uneasy for Bloggers to Chose one of them specially For New Comers. So By Comparing some Features of these Platforms we Made it Little Easier for All Those New Comers to Choose One of them. So lets Start,

Comparison : Tumblr -vs- Blogger -vs- Joomla

What is Blogger?

Blogger is One of the Best and Oldest Blogging platform founded in 1999. It was Founded by pyra Labs and then Purchased by Google in 2003. Blogger has Major Role Play in Getting Blogging that Popular.
It is a Totally Free Platform to Create Blogs Providing perfect Features for New Comers and Experts.

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Positive Points:-

  1. Blogger has Easy-to-Use Interface specially for Beginners.
  2. Blogger is a Product of Google so it integrates with all Other Google Products Easily and it is also Search Engine Friendly.
  3. Blogger Allows Users to Edit their Templates. Users Can Fully Customize their Templates with no restrictions.
  4. It Automatically Adjust Width and Height of Blog in Mobile Phones.

Negative Points:-

  1. Blogger is not for those who wants to Self-Host-Blog as Google is the first Owner of your Blog on Blogger. So they can Reject , Delete  Any of Your Content. Read :- 10 Reasons that Cause Blogspot Blog Deleted By Google
  2. It has a very Little Amount of Flexibility specially with comments section providing only Google+ or Normal Commenting system.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a Micro Blogging Platform Founded in 2003. It is very Popular Among Youth as it is Free and easy to use. It Also has Twitter Like Newsfeed where users can Follow other Blogs and See their Latest Posts at Home Dashboard.

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Positive Points:-

  1. Tumblr is very Easy to Use.
  2. Decent Free Themes and Users Can Customize these Themes According to their Needs.
  3. “reblog” Feature of Tumblr is very Popular. That is why Tumblr is used by Million’s of Users as they don’t need to have any Blog on Tumblr. They Register with them only to Follow Other Blogs and Re-blog Posts they Love.

Negative Points:-

  1. Don’t have Any Commenting System unless Users use any 3rd Party Commenting system.
  2. Tumblr is for tiny Little Posts. It is not for those Bloggers want to share Long Posts Knowledge with others.

What is Joomla ?

Joomla is another Platform that can be used for Blogging. It has Great Support system for their Members. It is a Content Management System that also Can be Used to Create  Simple Business Websites.

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Positive Points:-

  1. Joomla provides Good Support System .
  2. Decent Dashboard.

Negative Points:-

  1. Best for Creating only Social Networking Type Sites.
  2. Plugins and Themes are not Up to Mark when compared with other Platforms.


In the End After Comparing these Three Major Platforms we can Carry out Simple Result that Blogger is a Best Platform For Bloggers. It is Totally Free and Easy to Use Specially For New Blog Creators.
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