Tribal Fusion Review – Premium Advertising Network

These days with a lot of advertising companies around, finding a perfect network is very difficult. I have seen newbies getting confused and using a lot of advertisements to test which wastes their efforts and time. This happens with a lot of starters. But it will not happen again, because Today I am giving a review on, one of the best Adsense alternatives, “Tribal Fusion“. If you want to know more about this company, read the below given review which includes everything.

What is Tribal Fusion?

It is a Premium Advertising Network is working in this field since 1998. It is one of the oldest and biggest company serving near 19-20 Billion impressions per month.  You can say, they only prefer premium websites, premium publishers, because they have a huge base of quality advertisers. So, if you are one of those, who are working with this company as a publisher or as an advertiser, then you are very lucky and you must be earning a very good amount.

How Tribal Fusion Works?

They have an Advanced Technology that pays Publishers for the Impressions. They have a Wide Range of CPM Rates, so you will get the worth of your traffic. The Advanced Technology used by Tribal Fusion makes sure that most relevant and appropriate advertisements are shown to every visitor, which makes both Publishers and Advertisers Happy, because they find their ads on Most Appropriate Positions and Publishers can earn more Revenue from Relevant Adverts. But, they will take up 45% revenue share, which is a very big amount.

Type of Advertisements:-

Tribal Fusion Provides Wide Variety of Ads Like Flash, Video, Pop Under, Interstitial, Banner with Different Sizes. You can select any ad unit according to your need to monetize your website.

Tribal Fusion Review


  1. High CPM Rates
  2. Premium Advertisers with Premium Advertisements.
  3. Quality Services.


  1. Account Approval is very Difficult.
  2. Only Cheque Payment method is available for payout. No Paypal Method.

Minimum Requirements For Account Approval:-

  1. Minimum 500,000 Unique Visitors/Month.
  2. Professional Website Look.
  3. Top-Level Domain
  4. Active Privacy Policy
  5. No Adult Content Or Copyright Infringement
  6. No Illegal Content

How To Sign Up?

Publishers can Sign Up By Filling up simple Form with Correct Details. Tribal Fusion will ask  “Contact Information” , “Site Information” , “Site Description”. After Filling the form, you can submit your application. They will be Reviewing your application with the website and will reply within Few Business Days about Application Status.

Tribal Fusion Payment?

As I already told you in the Negative points section, the Minimum Payment Threshold is $50 and there is only one mode of payment available that is cheque, which is quite old fashioned. But In future, the methods will arrive for sure.

Tribal Fusion -vs- Adsense

If you have traffic on your website to get an account from this company, then you are at a very good place, because they will help you earn a very good amount with high CPM Rates. So, I have no doubt in saying that, Tribal Fusion is a very good Adsense Alternative.

So, that’s it for today. I tried to explain everything in this short review. Now’s it’s your turn to give a feedback.
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