Top Free Antivirus for Android Mobile Phone or Tablets

Top Free Antivirus for Android Mobile Phone or Tablets
Android is these days is very trending every one Smartphone lover choose android for OS . Because here millions of apps are available on it’ apps Store. Android Platform is one of the top & great Operating System but here is always a problem that is Malware OR Virus . we need to prevent our smart phone from virus because it is always be harmful for our Smartphone . sometimes your mobile Phone do some error with opening any programme or auto deleting of your Documents . So, today I am gonna share 5 Best free Antivirus for Android Smartphone and tablets . these antivirus are also available for Tablets .    


#1. AVG Antivirus


AVG antivirus is my first choice& this is most downloaded apps from Antivirus category. lot of User are giving positive feedback to this antivirus . it helps you to prevent from harmful malware , virus .It has some special features like sms scan, task killer , etc.  It is free App you can download it from Google Play Store .

#2. AVAST Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is also most famous from antivirus and it helps you to protect your complete Mobile from Virus , etc . because in this Antivirus it provides complete mobile security . it also scan URLs which you open in your browsers . if that websites will be infected from malware then this app stops you to opening that and giving you Warnings!! . You can download it from Google play it is also free .

#3. Look Out Mobile Antivirus

It is one another best Android Antivirus you can use it for your mobile & tablet bother and upper antivirus are also available for your tablets. Look Our Mobile have some more features other then antivirus are Backup, Safe browsing , etc . And this App is also consuming battery of your mobile.

#4. Dr. Web Antivirus Light

As you can judge it by it’s name because it is just like Doctor and specially developed for Android Mobiles & tablets. It is Great app because it not affect on your battery because some time by over loading of apps our Phone reduce Battery life. It have also some special features like call blocking, anti theft, Safe Browsing etc .

#5. Zoner Antivirus

If you want to go to choose a powerful Security app then choose it because it helps you to prevent your mobile or Tablets from Trojan , hacking , Virus ,Malware , etc . Sometimes if any one try to hack your mobile phone then it helps you to prevent from them. you can Download it from Google Play Store it is also free App.

Conclusion !

As here I have shared top 5 Free Best Android Antivirus of 2014 . then it is not possible to install all app at once , and if you thinking to which antivirus is helpful for you. Then you can use any one from it because these all apps are top and most helpful to your mobile & tablets . As I suggest you need to choose according to your use of mobile .
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