Top 10 Blogging Communities That Can Drive Massive Traffic

Top 10 Blogging Communities That Can Drive Massive Traffic
Today I am going to Revel top 10 Blogging Communities from where you can get traffic on your blog post by sharing there . Now these days as you know Matt Cutts Stops to Guest Posting so, if you Wants to increase your blog Traffic & build quality backlinks . Because after the increasing the No. of Blogging Community user Google updates the Page rank of all blogging communities mostly all blogging community have high PR . So, here I can say you can make quality backlink from here Let me Describe in brief word about the Use of Blogging Community :-


Benefits of Joining Blogging Communities :-

·        Increase In Blog Traffic
·        Quick Ranking of your Post in Search Engines
·  Ranking of your Specific keyword which you have Placed in Description
·        High Quality Backlink
·        Engage with new Readers
·        It works also as IM
·        Increase in Domain Authority

Top Blogging Communities to Promote Your Post :-

#1. BlogEngage
According to me and many more Bloggers BlogEnage is #1 Blogging Community in all over world . in other words you can say BlogEnage is Most Popular Blogging Community in Blogging Network . Blog Engage was Found by Brian Belfitt in 2007 now upto 2014 approx 4000 Active Bloggers are in this Community. 
Well it is a Premium Community , here lot of special Features available like Sharing, Commenting, Voting, Private Chat , etc . By the way I had never used it because currently I have not Account of BlogEnage but in future I will get I will write Complete Review About it.

See a Little Review in Video shared by Brian :-

#2. Kingged

Kingged is also one of the top most blogging Community . Currently it is latest community because it was found in 2012 but from Dec. of 2013 currently it is still climbing on high Rank . I am also using this community and I get lot of traffic from here . Kingged is mega Social Marketing site because many features are given here as Product marketing, Social Bookmarking , Private Chat , etc . it is very easy to use and you can also earn money by joining it . Currently Registrations are free but I can’t say about the future it will be free or not . SO, without wasting time Join it and enjoy the Drive lot of Traffic from here and connect with your fellow bloggers here. 

#3. IndiBlogger

Indiblogger is a Community of Indian bloggers , it is top largest blogging community in india because lot of great Features are here just like –
IndiVine :- Indivin is venture of indiblogger it is just like social bookmarking sites here you ned to share you post and get some votes then after you will get traffic from here .
IndiForums :– Mostly every blogger know very well about the use of Forums . SO, I think no need to explain .
IndiMeet :
IndiMeet is most impressive feature of this Community it helpf to meet with new and Fellow bloggers . Indiblogger Conduct meeting in every place where they get request , and then after indiblogger invites all bloggers to join it and enjoy in meet .
SO, without wasting you time come to my point you need do Registration here and go to Indivine and share your Post there .

BigSugar is largest blogging community it is world level community . any countries Blogger can join it . Very easy to use it on you need to share your post here and large no. of upvotes can rank your post in #1 in Search Engine .

Blockube is also one of the most famous blogging community . it is also very easy to use just like blogenage mostly features are same .

Klinkk is also new blogging community founded by Erik Emmanuel . I am also using it and getting traffic from here .  you can also join it I registrations are free here .

ManageWP is also most growing community of WordPress users and some other bloggers. If you have any content related to wordpress then I think you need to use it and check the Response from here . It is best for WordPress niche blog holders.
Link >

Three More Blogging Communities :

  1. i think you have bloglovin, blogadda and bloggiri, they are also good sites to grab some traffic 🙂

  2. is my favourite community when it comes to those blogging communities listed.
    The traffic it drives at the end is something which can’t be taken lightly. Moreover I found this post of yours there on the front page.

    It all boils down to being active to derive those benefits!

  3. Hello my friend, I must say thanks for adding blog engage into the list. As you know I have been working on blog engage now for many years it’s nice to see it continue to grow so large.

  4. Hi Sidharth, Blogging Communities always plays an important role to promote your blog. It is little bit difficult for newcomers to find suitable blogging community . But you described about it so well and I think that beginners will get benefit from it.
    Thanks a lot and Keep posting.

    1. Thanks Swapnadip,

      I always try to explain completely about anything . SO, please keep visiting and if you don;t wants to miss any post please don;t subscribe out email list.

  5. Hi Sanu,
    blogging communities are a great way not just to get targeted traffic, but also to build new connections and relationships with new and popular bloggers around the internet.

    Thanks for including Klinkk in this awesome list of blogging communities.

    1. Hey Erik,

      You are Founder of Klinkk . I’m really surprised to see your comment on my blog post. And Bro you are right Blogging Communities are great way to get targeted traffic and make new connection . As example Today i made a connection with you . 😀

      By the Way Thanks .. 🙂

  6. Hi Sidharth,

    Impressive article … i have already using kingged which help me to get daily 20-30 visitors per day but after reading this article i found there is still 9 other communities which i hv missed … thanks for the info

    1. Hey Manoj,
      First of all i want to say very very for stay in touch with. I’m checking something from few days that you are reading mostly all posts which has been posted on OnlyLoudest.

      So, please keep visiting to get more and useful stuffs.!

  7. Thanks Siddharth for sharing useful post . This post helps to finding a good community for newbie.

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