Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

In this modern world, Money is the most important thing. People are trying very hard to get Good jobs and good salary. But there is too much competition and that’s why we are seeing a lot of people coming to the online world to earn part time or full time income. But again competition and lack of knowledge about money making sources making them leave this arena also, without earning anything.


But from now onwards, you will leave due to lack of knowledge, because Today I am providing To 10 Legitimate ways to Make Money Online. I have researched a lot to finds these methods, invested a lot of time in making a list. So, You can earn a good amount. But remember every method will require hard work and dedication, it is not easy money. You should be ready to do hard work, if you want to know the ways to make money online. If you are ready, then lets start the list without wasting too much time.

A list of 10 legitimate methods to Make Money Online

Note:- I will be giving a short review of each method, but I will provide the link of full review of each point.

1.  Make Money with Infobarrel

It is a website where you can write articles and get 75% Ad revenue. You can use Google Adsense Account to show advertisements on your article. Additionally, you can include Amazon products to get some affiliate income. But remember this is a place for quality writers. If you any problem with writing or English language, then this method will not work for you.

But if your English is good, then you will rock Infobarrel with your articles and when you rock, you will get a huge amount of traffic, because articles published on this website automatically ranks higher in Google, which means a high amount of traffic.

2. Make Money by Selling Images on iStockPhoto

People believe that, they can earn by doing various jobs like accounting, writing, calculations, etc., but only few know that they can even make dollars from Images or the pictures they click while traveling. I have many part time photographers earning around $500 per month from this website.

If they can, you also can. The only you need, will be a good camera and some photography skills, which almost every person have, especially those who like to click selfies. But remember, you cannot sell, any material which is already present on the Internet. You should click those images by yourself, then only you will be eligible to make money online.

And also, try to click high quality Images, people like quality. So, if you give them, what they want, then you will earn a lot from your photos. If you want to learn more about this website, then you can read the full review by opening the link given in heading of this point.

3. Make Money as Cha Cha Guide

When you first hear this name, you may feel it’s a bit strange. You may though it is not worth trying to earn from this website, but in reality, you can a good amount by just giving answers to questions asked on ChaCha site.

They will provide you more jobs like, Generalist, Expediter, Transcriber, etc.. But the highest paying job will be a Cha Cha Guide, where you just need to give answers. But remember you must have good general and technical knowledge, otherwise, you will not be able to give correct answers.

To read the full review, you can open the link given at the start of this third point. It will give you more knowledge about this website.

4.  Make Money As Freelancer

Now, you will be thinking, Why I am here Suggesting you about to beome a freelancer than you aree right . Because Freelancing is great work where a company or client can direct hire you to do work . And now a day many freelancing websites are available Like- Odesk , Truelancer , Freelancer , etc . SO you can check last time I have also shared about Top 10 Freelancing websites from where you can Become a freelancer and from there you will be able to make money and more then more money . Money is always depend on your work on these type of website because clients check your skill and they will hire you if you will provide him good service then website promotes you with some more works .

So today I am suggesting you to Start with “” that is very trending these days and they are providng great support for their clients and freelancers .

5. GigBucks – Micro Job Site help Freelancers Earn Money Online

This method is one of my favorites, it is buyer, seller marketplace, where you can sell your skills. You know what I mean? If you have some special skills, then you can offer services on this website by placing Gigs (Tasks).

Whenever a Buyer like your service, he will buy it, then you will need to complete the task to be able to get earnings in your pocket.

But remember, it will require some tricks and topics which I have shared in the full review. You can read the full post by opening link present in the heading or check this link on SureJob to find more similar & simple ways to make money online.

6.  Make Money by competing Surveys

If you don’t have any special skills, then you must be feeling bad, because you cannot try any of the above given methods to earn. But what If I say, you can still earn income. Yes, I am serious, You can earn a good part time money by completing various surveys at surveyspot.

You can earn cash, gifts, Prizes using this method. But remember, you must give your true opinion in each survey, it will help company get right feedback and also, will get you reputation with good earning. To Know more, Open the link given above and read the full post.

7.  Make Money Online By Various Freelance Jobs with PeoplePerHour

Now, I again come to a method which will require some skills, But it is very common that every person has some quality, some skill. So, You can use that Skill on PeoplePerHour to earn. This website will provide  you many freelancing Jobs like Data Entry, Accounting, etc.. These Two Jobs are just examples, This website will have every type of Job available for you. So, it will not be a difficult task to make money online, if you have some skills under your belt.

But Make sure, you follow all the rules. To know more, Read full review via the link given on the Title of this point.

8.  Make Money Online by Forex Trading

I have selected this Option for those People, who have some trading knowledge or have some trading passion. It will look quite strange method for normal people, who will not understand this. But those who are familiar to trading can certainly ear a very big amount .

But remember, it will require Mental strength. Because it is a Currency Trading business, you will be at risk always, you can earn dollars, you can even lose dollars, if you take any wrong step. So, it is a very risky option. But still it’s worth trying because of Big rewards.

 9. Make Money With

If you are one of those, who love to use social networks, then Mylikes will help you earn while using all social sites. You just need to sign up for this website and then, share content of advertisers on your social profiles.

You can share everything, including Videos, Links, Images, but remember you will only earn when someone clicks on them. So, you must have a huge number of followers, Friends to be able to earn high amount of income with this method. But one thing for sure, Social lovers will love this option of earning.

10. Make Money Online as Video Producer or as Writer on Demand Studios

If you are a video producer or a quality writer, then Demand Studios will be the place, where you should apply. As the heading suggests, It is Content creation service. So, you will have to do the same thing to earn income. But unlike other methods, you must have a perfect skill, otherwise you will not be accepted.

But if you are accepted, then a huge money is waiting for you, because they really pay big amounts. To know more about this option, you can read full via the link given in the heading of this point.

>>Bishal Biswas profited an extra $1,650+ with Ptengine, so it’s all that how you find your working method.


So, I have tried my best to provide you this list. This whole process took me a while to select which methods I should include in this short list, because I has to consider skills of every individual. I know some can write well, some have good technical knowledge, some are web designers. So, I decided to include everything. If you want to say anything about these “Top 10 ways To Make Money Online“, you can say via comments and I will appreciate if you give some feedback. So, that’s it for today, Cheers 🙂

  1. Finally a great article about ways of make money online! Thank you for this article, a lot of people are looking for online jobs to earn money online and this article explains great methods.

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    Paid survey companies work with major corporations to organize and provide opinions from everyday consumers. As a result of your valuable feedback, you can earn quick money. Some questions are multiple choice, while others may require some writing. Either way, it is entirely possible with the right survey program to earn and extra $200 a day.

    This is not difficult work. If you have a job with a computer, you can quickly complete a few surveys during your lunch break. If you don’t mind having a laptop in front of you while you unwind and watch TV at night, filling out a survey or two can be done between commercials.

    Pay ranges from anywhere to $5 – $50 a survey, which is typically determined on the length of time it takes you to complete the questionnaire. Once you get bored with those, there are options to get paid to watch movie trailers, and some times you can have a little fun by getting paid to test drive cars.

    As long as you are at least 18 years old, anyone can start making money by filling out surveys right away. It’s a great way to put extra cash in your pocket and cover basic living expenses. After all, who wouldn’t want a couple hundred dollars a day just for giving their opinion?

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