Top 10 Important Firefox Plugins and Add-ons for Bloggers

Today we will be talking about top Firefox Plugins and Add-ons that are very Important for Bloggers.
Firefox is a Browser that is very Widely used over the Internet to perform various Activities Like Browsing , Downloading. Firefox is Quicker when Compared to Other Web Browsers so Most of the Bloggers uses Firefox for Blogging as it Make their Job lot easier.

Now there are Some Plugins for Firefox that Bloggers can use for their Good.

Firefox Plugins and Add-ons for Bloggers

Link Checker is a Plugin for Firefox that let Bloggers check Broken Links or Links with 404 Error. This Could be very Crucial Plugin as Broken Links or 404 Errors are Both Bad Things that Happens to our Blogs and it also can Decrease Rankings and Traffic.  It can also be a reason of Google Penalty. So, Read:- top 21 factors cause Google Penalty

Download Link Checker

2. ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a Blog Editor that Bloggers can use to Write Blog Posts and then Publish it on any Platform like Blogger , WordPress.

Download ScribeFire

3. Firebug

Firebug is Add-on for Firefox to let Users Edit HTML , CSS , Javascript Coding of Any Webpage.

Download Firebug

4. Adsense Notifier

It is one of the Best Add-on to Check Adsense Earnings from Toolbar Section. This Add-on is for those Bloggers who are very addicted of Check Adsense Earnings so many times in short Period. If you still haven’t created Adsense Account, then check this:- How to Create Adsense account with YouTube

Download Adsense Notifier

5. Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is a Plugin to Bookmark Sites according to different Days. We can set Priorities of Different Websites according to different days of the week.

Download Morning Coffee

6. Word Count Plus

Word Count Plus is a Must Have Add-on for Bloggers as it makes it Easier for them by counting Number of words of Article. As Article Length is very Crucial these Days with Google Ranking Blogs having High Quality in-depth Content So it could be very Important to use this Plugin to Count Words and Write More According to your Competition.

Download Word Count Plus

7. Zemanta

Zemanta is Best Must Have for Bloggers as it recommend Various Images , Links , Articles Related to your Post.It Saves so much of time of Bloggers.

Download Zemanta

8. SEOQuake

SEO is Very Important these Days not only for Higher Rankings But also for Good Reputation. With Black Hat SEO techniques Getting out of the Window and White Hat SEO techniques are Most widely used so it Need of the Arc to Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly.
SEOQuake is a Plugin that will help Bloggers to find out goods and Bad’s of their Blogs.

Download SEOQuake

9. Kgen

Kgen is a Keyword Density checker and Keyword Generator Plugin for Firefox that will Lead Bloggers to Check Keyword Density in their Articles as it is a Factor in Getting Good Rankings in Search Engine. Blogs Having Low Keyword Density Will Rank Higher in the Rankings so this Plugin is Must Have for Bloggers.

Download Kgen

10. Page Rank Checker

Page Rank Checker is Another Must Have Plugin that can check Page Rank of Any Website  from Toolbar section. It is very Important Plugin that can be used by every Blogger in determining Page Ranks of every Blog. So, they can later Guest Post ,or Comment on for Building Quality Backlinks.

Download Page Rank Checker

These Are some Popular Plugins for Blogger to Save some time and Provide them little Features to Become Professionals.

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