These days Life Risks’ are incredibly increasing, whatever you do in your daily life, there is a risk work which can spoil your life or your family life, Suppose an accident or any other similar Risk which can be seriously dangerous. So, that’s where Insurance can be handy because it is a fair transmission of Life Damages. People can get money, in case of any loss or damage. So, it’s very important for every person to have different insurance policies to cover different aspects of life.

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In 2014

But these days insurance companies have also increased with a wide number of offers. So, it becomes very difficult for a person to choose one company to cover his/her life risks. So, to solve that problem, I am covering Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In 2014 which offer’s best cover to any loss or Damage. So, let’s begin the list without wasting too much time.

A List of Top 10 Insurance Companies In 2014 which offers Best Services

 #10 Zurich Insurance Group

This Company is one of the biggest Swiss Insurance company having more than 60 thousand employees who are working in more than 170 Countries. This company has three sections of their work: General Insurance, Global Life and Farmers.

#9 ING (Internationale Nederlanden Group)

It is a famous Dutch multinational company which has many branches across, Asia, Europe, America, etc.. This company has many Insurances available like, Car Social, Health and Life Insurance. There are also more varieties available in insurance policies provided by this company who also has commercial banking, investment banking, asset management as their primary businesses.

 #8 Metlife

This company is one the well known insurance providers in more than 60 countries. They started in 1960 and now, they are the largest insurance company in the US and the 2nd largest in Japan, they also have a very good position all over Europe, Asia, Latin America and middle East. And the main reason behind their success is, they have a huge number of satisfied customers with large number of Policies.

#7 AIA Group Limited

AIA is Hong Kong based Insurance company which has a lot of trust among customers, especially in case of mutual Funds. They are very known in Asia Pacific region.

#6 Axa

Axa is an innovative company situated in Paris, but have branches over all Western Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. They offer many different types of Insurances via many innovative ways to secure every part of their customer’s life, including, Social, Auto, Life, etc. and that’s why they are known as one of the best Insurance companies in 2014, not only 2014, but also in the past and will be in future.

#5 Ping An

This company an China based company which started in 1988 and now, they are Number 1 in china. They work in three main fields, Banking, Investment and Insurance. And that’s why they are a very reputed company in China having quality Insurance services.

#4 American International Group

AIG is a Multinational company serving over 130 countries with their quality Insurances services. They have more than 63,000 employees working for them providing their customers, many services like Life, Mortgage, retirement, financial insurance, etc..

#3 Allianz

This is one of the larges Finance company having 180,000 employees over 70 countries serving more than 70 Billion customers. It is a German Multinational company which offers high quality guarantees.

#2 China Life Insurance

This company is situated in 1931 which holds 45% of China’s market. So, it is one of the best Insurance Companies in 2014, which provides many different types of Loss or Damage guaranties.

#1 Berkshire Hathaway

It is a World’s Best, an American Multinational Insurance company who also has the highest growing rate (Stake Holders). They also have the most attractive and customers beneficial insurance packages for any kind of loss or damage.

So, these are Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In 2014. I hope this list can help you choose a Good risk management company.

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