How to have Toned Body when you are Lazy

How to have Toned Body when you are Lazy

Everyone loves toned body, whether male or female. Toned body is attractive to everyone. Toned body is appealing in looks. Some people have the misconception that weight lifting makes your body toned. But it is not true.  We all have abs. But the layer of fat covers them. It is possible for everyone to get a toned body. All you need is to make efforts if you are serious about yourself. Here are some IMPORTANT tips for male and females who want to get toned body:

How to have toned body and Become Fit

  1. Always take healthy diet. Take more protein in the diet rather than fats. Protein helps to build muscles. Excess fat makes you fatty one as excess fat hide muscles beneath them.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol. It is injurious to health. If you drink alcohol every day, you are more likely to gain weight which will not let you to have a toned body.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. It helps to eliminate harmful toxins from our body. Toxins formed in our body are barriers for toned body. Flush them out simply by drinking plenty of water. It makes your skin healthy. It nourishes your skin. If your pee colour is dark yellow then it is clear sign that you are not taking enough water. If it is clear this means you are hydrated.
  4. Eat fibre-rich fruits and vegetables. It lowers your cholesterol’s. They make you healthy.
  5. Say no to fast food. Stay away from junk and fast food like chocolates, ice creams , samosa , idli sambar etc .. Use less oil in cooking food at home.
  6. Don’t stop eating. People who want to lose weight often stop eating. It is not good for your health. Eat light food like cereals before going to bed at night. This will make you hungry when you wake up in the morning. Then eat your meal. But do not overeat.
  7. Do Cardio exercises for about 30 minutes in a day like walking, running, biking, skipping, roller skating, dancing etc.
  8. Exercise regularly. Don’t break your routine of exercise, whether you do it in the gym, parks, at home or anywhere you like.
  9. Warm-up or stretching is very important before exercising. It makes you stretchable. It helps to get a toned body. Sportspersons like cricketers always warm up and stretch their bodies before the match.
  10. Jogging, climbing stairs is good for toning legs.
  11. Do squats for toning your butts.
  12. Go to the gym . There are many equipments available in the gym for toning your body like treadmills, bicycles and cross trainers etc.. It is your choice what exercises you choose to get a toned body.
  13. Always remain active and participating whether you are busy or not. Use stairs instead of lift.
  14. Do squats and crunches everyday for ten minutes.
  15. Employ trainer if you can afford it. The Trainer will guide you and maintain your best exercising routine. He will tell you ,what is the right way to do a particular exercise.
  16. Cut unhealthy meals from your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables like broccoli, apple, etc. Stop eating chips like kurkure, lays, bingo etc.. They are unhealthy.
  17. Always have a positive attitude towards everything. Getting the toned body will take months. So be positive, and you will definitely succeed.
  18. Get sufficient sleep or do relaxation. Sleeping for at least 6 hours is sufficient.
  19. How you stand, sit have an effect on your body shape. Toned body people,always have good postures. They stand straight.
  20. You should not skip your meals. If you skip your meal , then you will have a definite chance of gaining weight. It will have negative effects on your body. It is not good for losing weight.
  21. You can do toe touches, scissor kicks. For more ideas go to the gym and watch other people what they are doing.
  22. Do not overeat. It will disturb your metabolism. It only makes you unhealthy.
  23. You can perform yoga exercises. Follow yoga master Baba Ramdev. He is expert in yoga.

So, these are some tips that can help you have a toned body.

If you are using these tips, and are still struggling with weight loss, or your laziness is leading to depression, it is definitely time to see a doctor and consider therapy. BetterHelp has counsellors available to help you not only achieve your goals, but help you go above and beyond for yourself – mind, body, and spirit.

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